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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for free debt counselling.

is our 24-hour, free debt advisory service. The MyMoneySteps gives you a personalized activity schedule with handy step-by-step instructions for managing your debt. When you need help surfing our website, you can talk to one of our specialized debt advisors on-line. When you are not sure where to begin, or when you think you need some additional help to manage your debt, you can e-mail a debt advisor.

When you e-mail us using our on-line enquiry forms, a debt counselor will try to reply within 48hrs. We have debt counsellors willing to help you manage your debt.

Debt-helpline evaluations

This page provides true ratings from true individuals who have phoned the Debt Counselling Trust. Alternatively, if you have contacted the charity's debt advisory hotline and would like to exchange your experiences with others, please go to our hotline feed-back section by following the links below. It was not for many things that I wanted to go bankrupt and it was really our mortgages adviser who made us think about doing the IVA.

Knowing nothing about the DAF, we phoned several different businesses that charged so many different charges and tried to get us to either make a debt schedule or go bankrupt, both of which we didn't want at all to be feeling insecure with the information given to us.

DAF's staff's attitudes were astonishing, never at any time when we had to suffer because we were in debt or dealt with like an imbecile, as other places did. Still I recall the name of the individual who did the most to help us (Rachel Jepson), who was so useful and helping us through everything.

Well, we got three choices we could look at: Schuldenmanagementplan. All of us were told about the adverse and beneficial impacts of all our choices and for us and with the instructions we were given, we selected the IVA. It' not a big deal for us, but maybe some folks won't like the support the IVA has on you.

After facing my own circumstances, I felt very scared and worried ill. Clearly explaining all available choices, she recommended that a debt restructuring program was probably the best way forward. During the first few week I talked to her several time and never had the feeling that I was harassing her, no mater how small the request seemed.

I' m feeling a lot better after looking for help with my financial issues. I was very sympathetic and helped by the interviewer who reduced my expenses by £600. I' m feeling much luckier now. I myself and my spouse found ourselves in a horrible financial position due to the fact that he lost his career and his new career did not match the old one.

From the first phone call, which was one of the toughest ever I've ever had to make, going through our revenue and our expenses because it made me see the exact position we were in, I know it's a cliché, but it was really as if a load had been up.

One of the things that really helped my consultant was the thought that we could be debt-free in 5 years was something we could really concentrate on. Every exposure to the consultants was a really good experience, they didn't judge me or make me think I was already poor, which is important for my self-esteem.

It had already been my turn to see the Citizens' Consultancy Office face to face and I got help with my budgeting, which made it clear that my expenses and income did not coincide. I was given all the negotiations with the organizations to which I owe my monies and was advised to change to a new one.

Once I have made contacts and each successive one I have had has always made me think I have been respectable, responsive, calmed down and given hands-on guidance. One debt schedule was a lust and a fixed amount of money was negotiating that would come from my bankroll. The first time I spoke to Darren (the DAF consultant) I felt that it was not just blindness and foolishness that had led to my terrible condition, only sometimes my live (lol) and that the important move to solve my problem had been made by my vocation.

There were other choices I know where the debt could have been cleared in 2 years etc, but for me it wasn't that I was unfortunate to pay what I owe, it was that I couldn't keep up with interest, fees etc once I was that far behind.

One day of the week at 8am I called the free helpline, and almost immediately I felt better as your consultant explained things to me and showed me the ways I could go. For a while I was on the phone and your counsellor gave me the feeling that she had all the while in the whole wide open space of the earth to hear me and give me guidance, while in fact in the present atmosphere your co-workers would probably have been very occupied.

There would be no hesitation in my recommendation that anyone in difficulty with debt should contact your organization immediately. Rachael Jepson, my consultant. At a point where even our bench was not helping a boyfriend I was at university with, I proposed calling your firm just for a conversation.

Right from the first interview I had the feeling that a giant amount of my body mass had been lost - perhaps only because I told our circumstances to someone who was willing to hear. At the time we phoned, the consultant was very kind and never dismissive of the circumstances we were in. It was very calming and went through our financials and told us what choices might be available to us.

Together with the DAF Council, we have decided on a debt rescheduling scheme with a term of six years. Consultant explains the drawbacks, such as the loss of our solvency, but to be frank, we never again propose to get a loan. Disadvantage of the debt managment scheme was that it took some of the lenders a while to agree to the arrangement, and in the meantime we still had some telephone conversations from a particular lender, but otherwise we had no problem at all with it.

The website was very useful to me and those I talked to on the phone were useful, courteous and sympathetic. They have found me useful and accessible, and their website and other resources of help and assistance (such as searching for cheap home insurance) very useful. Now that I have gotten a debt managment plot in place, the only thing I have found frustrating about the whole debt dissolution scenario is that believers often decline to talk about the organization that will help you and say that they can only deal withthe borrower.

It is not the blame of PayPlan and I think it is a similar thing with any other agencies that help bring about debt. A few believers will approve a scheme, then after a brief period begin to harass the borrower again with correspondence and phone conversations. When I was in a position where my expenses began to overrun my income, I relied on my regular month bill to survive.

The DAF were so supporting and sympathetic as I was extreme desperate as I had never been in this state before. You worked out a blueprint for me and that was the point of departure and I've never been looking back since.

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