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class="mw-headline" id="List_of_direct_lending_managers">Liste der direkten Kreditmanager[edit]> The direct credit approach is a way of providing business debts where lenders other than banking lend to businesses without an intermediary such as an umbrella institution, brokers or venture capitalists. Direct credit is usually granted to small or medium-sized businesses, also known as small and medium-sized businesses, rather than large publicly traded businesses, and lenders may be affluent individual persons or wealth managers.

Sometimes peer-to-peer credit schemes such as crowdfunding are seen as part of the direct credit market[1] and are granted to very small enterprises. The majority of wealth management firms participating in direct credit will, however, only consider credit above a certain level, usually ?5 million or more. In addition to the peer-to-peer network, direct credit allocation therefore concentrates mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises.

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