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It can help you track your progress in improving your credit. In order to help them get there, Discover gives each cardholder free access to most of their FICO credit points. It does not include checking your free credit scorecard*. Verifying won't drain your credit.

First discover to get Fico Credit Scores for free.

From today, everyone can verify their Fico Credit Score free of charge with the new Discover Credit Scorecard, even if they are not a Discover customer. As well as the credit score used by 90 per cent of top creditors, Credit Scorecard provides a synopsis of the information that defines a person's fico score.

User can log in to receive their personal credit profiles and FICO® Score from Experian, a world leading provider of credit reports for customers. Discover is the only creditcard company to provide FICO score free of charge for everyone with the introduction of the Credit Scorecard. The Credit Scorecard is the latest product in a range of Discover related goods and solutions to help customers credit and better manage financial affairs.

Discover was the first large credit cardholder to make FICO score available free of charge to members on their month-end bills and on-line in 2013. Discover in 2015 implemented a function that allows map members to keep abreast of their current FICO® results. At the beginning of the year Discover released the Discover it Secured Credit Cards for those who want to start or re-establish their credit.

Consumers believe that the easy act of reviewing their creditworthiness can have a beneficial effect on their credit behaviour, according to a recent Discover independently conducted poll1 . Of those who had reviewed their creditworthiness over the past year, 61 per cent said that reviewing their score would help them enhance their credit behaviour, such as pay invoices on time, pay out credit and maintain low credit cards.

Additionally, 60 per cent of those who had verified their creditworthiness within the last year saw their score improving, including 21 per cent who said their score did a great deal better and 39 per cent who said their score did something better.

Finance services company discovers partner with Tinder to survey user base with brand profile cards.

Discover, a bank and financier, is currently partnering with Tinder to get single people to try the company's credit management tools. Tinder is a Direktbank- und Zahlungsdienstleistungsunternehmen (direct bank and payments service company) which operates two kinds of advertising campaign on Tinder, both equipped with profiled maps. First is a survey in which people ask their "do's and don't's" in terms of financials and dating, ask how the importance of the pecuniary soundness of a potentially romantically charged game and whether the creditworthiness of another is important to them.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, those using FICO Credit Score will be notified via a free Discover Credit Scorecard notification email. And the second kind of branding is one that includes a asking questions about romanticism and finances where single people need to strike right to find out the answers before they messed up a links to find out their credit rating.

When asked why Discover wanted to work with him on this marketing effort, they answered: "and 69% of the members of this group are millennials. "By taking Discover's message to Discover, we can influence the way individual millennials speak about finance with their matches, and understanding the roles that finance plays in their love-life.

"If you know about your financials, you can be successful in other areas of your lives, even online, for example online dining. Joining the consortium also saw the two firms collaborating on a survey on the association between funding and dating published last weekend. Enterprises interviewed 2,000 customers 18 years of age and older and asked a wide range of economic and business issues to find out how important good creditworthiness and fiscal resilience is in finding a prospective business with them.

Peter Foster, General Manager of Match Media Group's Ad and Brands division, commented on the partnership: "We' re getting to know more and more about our audiences and what it is that interests us when it comes to dates.

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