Documents needed for Mortgage Application

Required documents for the mortgage application

Mortgage application form covers your personal details and financial background. Please use our checklist to keep track of what you need to know before applying. Once your application has been reviewed, additional information may be required.

Preparing to request a mortgage

It is a good suggestion to get things in order before you mortgage and find your new home. When your name isn't there, it'll be harder for you to get a loan. Mistakes in your loan files may result in your application being denied. For more information on how to improve your loan files, visit the Money Advice Service website.

Prevent missed credit cards or delayed payment by creating debit notes.

Applying for a mortgage

Registering to use the system is fast and simple, and once you are registred, all you have to do is sign in every single request you make. The on-line application should also be used to provide your application with documents that have been scratched. You can find our on-line application users manual under Tools & Guides, along with a useful FAQ-file.

For more information, see our Packing Requirement page. This will help us to process your client's application as quickly as possible. If you are applying for a reduction as a refund option, please be aware that we will need information on the real estate to be reduced in the detail field after choosing Reduction.

What we need is the kind of real estate, situation and purchasing cost. In the case of housing loans where the LTV is 90% or less, we may take a copy of a home buyer's report provided the rating is no older than 90 dates and the tester/expert is on the bank rating board.

For credits that do not meet these eligibility conditions, a banking evaluation is required. For BTL application trans scripts are not allowed. Do you need help with the application procedure? You can find our application form, useful guidelines and promotional documentation on the Tools & Guidance and Packing Requirement page of this page. In all cases we need a customer declaration and a direct debit authorisation.

Do not use third parties to modify your documents before you send them to us, as this may mean that we cannot edit your documents. Notice that we can only handle documents that have been digitally processed. We need the following documents for an employee:

The last two month of the pensions consultation wage slip (or 4 week of the pensions consultation wage slip). Annual performance letter or most recent account statements stating the performance received. Depending on the application form, further documents may be necessary. For further information, please choose the section below. BTL Behind Application - Make sure that all client BTL Behind Property is described in detail within the application and that the overall effort for all of these assets is contained in the application's quarterly spending portion.

Reduction - If you are filing an application for reduction as a refund instrument, please be aware that we will need detail on the real estate to be reduced in the detail window after choosing Reduction. What we need is the kind of real estate, situation and purchasing cost.

Relatives - You can create relatives for each candidate. Supplementary Information - Please use the free text fields within the application to inform us of conversations with your account manager or underwriter or to supply other information pertinent to the application.

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