Documents needed to Apply for home Loan

Required documents to apply for a mortgage loan

For your visa you need a page in your passport that is empty on both sides. Below you will find details of the documents you will need to send us to support your application and when and how often you will need to send them. Students general visas (Tier 4): The documents that you need to make available

If you are applying for the type of visas, you must specify the following: For your visas you need a page in your pass that is empty on both sides. It may also be necessary to supply extra documents, according to your needs. See the instructions and attachment for the complete document listing and how much cash you will need according to your specifics.

General information about SAAS

Your scholarship and study loan depends on the amount of your budget allowance. Your own personal incomes without incomes from work are also included. You can find further information on the different kinds of incomes we consider here. Below you will find detailed information on the documents you need to submit to us to support your job interview and when and how often you need to submit them.

Our fastest way to submit documents to us is via our online Uploader. Please only photocopy documents as we will shred all documents we get after 30 working day. You can find further information on the shipping location of your documents in the section Contacts. Your SAAS Students References number should be included on all mail you mail to us.

When you apply for a loan of more than 4,750, a scholarship or a cost of living grant and your home incomes are less than 34,000 pounds per year, you do not need to resend these documents unless you are chosen at random as part of our QA work.

Unless you have sent us your domestic revenue documents for the 2016-2017 fiscal year, we will limit your 2018-2019 financing to the £4,750 non-income-related loan. If you return to training after a period of at least one year, you must provide us with a certificate of merit such as P60 etc. for 2017.

When you or your relatives are separated/divorced, you need only submit these documents if you have not previously submitted them. When you apply for the Single Scholarship, you must prove to us each year that you are a single minder. If you have not yet submitted a full maternity record, you must also submit a child of primary or secondary education with a full (not abbreviated) maternity record.

When you apply to be transferred to your partner's salary instead of your parent's and are under 25 years of age, you must provide us with evidence that you are staying with your spouse at the beginning of the first year of the course (1 August).

They should provide us with a common mortgage/rental contract or a Jobcenter with paper. At a later date, we may ask you to provide us with a copy of the relevant documents as part of our QA work.

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