Documents needed to get a Mortgage

The documents required to apply for a mortgage

Documents you need to obtain a mortgage. Identity document - passport or driving licence. Not less than one, preferably two, of the following: It can be difficult to buy a house!

Do I need an ID for a mortgage?

At the same token I accepted from the initial entry you used Natwest as an example (as probably the intermediary is looking for'total market') and therefore rated a typically detailed listing of lenders (at the same token warn that the intermediary for very good reason may have a more restrictive list). After they' ve taken a look at Natwest - they cite ( on their website ): ...... for a bankaccount (probably they're taking the same neck for straight line mortgage, so if your friend isn't under 20, then it has to be a whole driver's license).

Having moved to their mortgage site (RBS for brokers) I can't see the detail of the passport specifically for Natwest (by the way they only are offering professional mortgages - i.e. buy to let - through broker so I doubt this is what you apply for via a broker linkley to be RBS or first active from the same group) but the public packing comments display a fairly restricted listing as follows: l a legal copy of the latest full driver's license.

In this case it fully justifies what your brokers tell you (even without considering his own or his network's regulatory needs). On the basis of experiance, it may be possible from time to time (and not simply these days) with some creditors to get some inflexibility in the ID/address evidence as long as a good and well documented ground does exist, but sincerely your friend must begin to address all these issues as quickly as possible (and articles such as voter roll) - the worlds are run through solvency assessment/ID tracking lawsuits these days, whether you like it or not.

Preparing to request a mortgage

It is a good suggestion to get things in order before you mortgage and find your new home. When your name isn't there, it'll be harder for you to get a loan. Mistakes in your loan files may result in your request being denied. For more information on how to improve your loan files, visit the Money Advice Service website.

Prevent missed credit cards or delayed payment by creating debit notes.

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