Documents needed to get Mortgage Loan

Required documents for taking out a mortgage loan

Which documents must be submitted? Non-residents of Italy are legally entitled to obtain mortgages for the purchase of real estate in Italy. When I call you for a mortgage interview, what do I need? Which documents are requested?

Find out everything about our credit criterias

Here is a guideline that will help you to make your mortgage request seamless. In the case of re-transfer requests, at least one of the applicants must have been in possession of and resided in the real estate to be returned at least six month before the date of the request. Your mortgage retirement date will depend on your individual situation.

Below you will find a list of our documentation requests. In order to obtain a mortgage, you must be at least 18 years old. They must be resident in the United Kingdom at the date of applying and must either be a British national or have a valid EU citizenship. Do you expect the mortgage period you need to pay to exceed the anticipated pensionable life?

In this case we cannot process an on-line job interview and you must contact us by telephone. Once you have requested a loan approval (the first phase of an on-line mortgage application), we will check your information with a mortgage bureau. In this phase of the claim our cheques will not appear in your loan dossier.

  • If you purchase more than one item, the floor for one item is 25,001 (provided the aggregate loan is at least 50,000 pounds). Requests for loans in excess of 500,000 are eligible for extra credit arrangements which may affect your ability to obtain credit.

LTV is your mortgage amount as a percent of the sale value or appraisal amount of the real estate, whichever is the lower of the two. A £90,000 mortgage on a 100,000 LTV real estate asset, for example, has an LTV of 90%. If you are applying for a mortgage, we need to consult the following documents:

Please click here to see a listing of the documents we accepts as evidence. There is no need to certify your account statement and salary statement on-line. When your loan is less than 75% LTV: When your loan is more than 75% LTV: To ensure that we can receive your shipments and prevent delay, please adhere to these guidelines:

Financial advisors or independent mortgage / security agents. "And if the passport is a photograph, it should also state: "and is a faithful reflection of the person". When you are an independent financial advisor, mortgage agent or insurer, the FSR number. It is also a good suggestion to sign or guarantee the supply of documents in order to accelerate the procedure and guarantee the security of the originals.

If a loan is more than 75% of the sale value or the value (whichever is lower), we are exposed to an elevated level of creditworthiness.

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