Does Quicken Loans do Commercial Loans

Is Quicken Loans Doing Commercial Loans Doing It

Actually it doesn't matter, this is not a forum on Quicken Loans. Detroiter (2017) s01e10 Episode script yeah, let's get one. - You know, I don't give a damn if we won. Oh, we're gonna beat it. Yeah, no, no, no, I know.

- Yeah, I'm good. We' re gonna beat them. - What, Carter? Uh, Carter Grant, VP of Merchandising, Chrysler? Yeah, he was great. - CARTER! - Okay, everything's fine. Yeah, the dude tore my goddamn aunt off.

  • 0h, yeah, sure. - Yeah, I'm good. but, uh, well, that's when that happens. -Whoa! -Yeah. - How did that come about? Yeah, well, you'll think that's made up, but my father truncated my wrist. - Uh! Yeah. Hey, Silberstreifen, he sobered me up.
  • Yeah. Yeah. Half the pay, a cabin instead of an agency, so yeah, it's been a long, hard ride for old Carter Grant lately. Oh, it was the Chrysler Pacifica commercial you were missing. You want a particular automobile, get a Chrysler Pacifica. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

    Good luck, Carter. Yeah, good luck. Good luck. Good luck. Yeah, that's right. The Kid Rock: The Kid Rock: Kid Rock again? The Kid Rock: Pomerantz and Klein Chrysler Pacifica. The Kid Rock: Chris Pacifica. Lastly, there'?s another one, quick rick mahorn at Dearborn. So Rick Mahorn of the Pistons has a garage? Fast Rick Mahorn in Dearborn!

    It' me, Quick Rick Mahorn of Dearborn. Thank you, Rick Mahorn. - CARTER: Hey, Carter. Who' d have thought everyone would use Kid Rock, would they? Yeah, there was a whole bunch of kid rock. She' s the head of Quicken Loans public relations. And Carter has a crush on you two. - Sure, we'll call you. - Cheers, Carter.

    • Yup. We' ve started a string of incidents that have wrecked a man's live. Yeah, I know that now. Oh, thanks, Rick. Well, I mean, they've got Kid Rock. In the meantime, we're busy with Rick Mahorn. - And I mean blest his soul, but Rick Mahorn can't move out of a damp tissue sack.

    Yeah, okay. um-quicken loans. - Make loans faster. Accelerate loans, Bicken Bones. - We' re going? The mahorn can't move out of a damp tissue sack. Ooh, yeah. Speaking about Carter Grant? Who' s she addressing? Accelerate loans? Yeah, me too; I'm going through the same things he did, actually.

    Yeah, it's the same kind of personality thing we're going through right now. We' re gonna have to tell Carter what we did. Yeah, we can't do anything with that. All the Fixin's", an inventive piece with piston s-legend Rick Mahorn, should be seen this week-end. Is Rick Mahorn in one piece? Come on, Rick.

    We' ve got to tell Carter. Yeah, we'll tell him first thing in the morning. Rick! Rick! Rick! Rick! Rick! Rick! Rick! So, I hear you boys really filled out the Quicken Loan meet, huh? - We' re going? Yeah, but that's not really why we're here. Carter, we have something very important to tell you.

    Yeah? Yeah. You won't believe this, but, uh, well, I went home last night. Mm. Uh, handy Hogan. Yeah, come on, man, it'?s just handy Hogan or whatever. Yeah, my high school sweetheart. She' the first gal I ever liked, and I' d like you to think what she does for a living. No. - Oh, yeah, that's fine. Yeah, the next thing you know, we're having lunch together.

    I' ll see her again this evening. Oh, Carter, that's great. Yes, it is. Yeah, we ran you over. Carter, we're so sorry. Yeah, Carter, we're gonna do everything we can to make it up to you. And how will you manage to start a string of incidents that lead to it? Oh, you think I'm just gonna let you get away with licking my beeper?

    Yeah? Yeah.

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