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Use of Dragonfly bridging loans

The Dragonfly is a self-financed principal lender. Dragofly Real Estate Financing At Dragonfly Property Financing, we take great pride in our capability to provide a fast and efficient range of credit product solutions designed to address the challenge facingorrowers seeking financing through conventional credit flows - i. e. creditors who are unable to satisfy the needs of the typical consumer due to their own set of distinctive characteristics and the collateral they can provide.

On a £100,000 credit line.

Level financing

Dragonfly is a good place to rent. However, we differ from conventional short-term creditors - we also provide medium-term loans up to 5 years. In contrast to other creditors and most financial institutions, we have a real thirst for credit and believe in an uncomplicated, sincere deal. While our colleagues have appreciated our way of doing things and have received a number of accolades for our services and our product, we do not just sit back and relax on our own praises.

Dragonfly is more about borrowing money than giving it.

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The Dragonfly is a self-financed main bank. Just like conventional bridge financing institutions, they are offering short-term bridging loans as well as medium-term loans of up to 5 years. Offering credit from £50,000 to 25 million in size, various option and structure for service are available, to include roll-up or withholding interest to enhance cash flow.

There is a broad spectrum of shortterm and medium-term credit instruments available to meet the different needs of borrowers. This includes housing and trade bridging finance, housing refurbishment finance, development finance, mezzanine loans, HMO finance, second fees as well as 3, 4 and 5 year buy to let and the new 3 year trade credit.

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For whom are bridging loans appropriate?

In the first place, it is important that anyone taking out a bridging credit fully appreciates what this credit is about and how it works.... So long as they know the nature of the business, its timing and costs, and have an exit policy, Mark Posniak, Dragonfly Property Finance's Director of Business and Market says that anyone can potentially borrow a bridge credit.

Enterprise Finance CEO Danny Waters said a bridging credit can be used by individuals from all walks of life and can range from just £50,000 to £50 million or more. Bridge financing is a traditional way of enabling potential purchasers of real estate, usually housing, but also business properties. For example, bridging can be used to allocate resources for an acquisition at auctions and a refurbishment where the debtor plans to buy a piece of real estate, then refurbish it and sale it within the duration of the bridging credit.

On the home front, the classical example would be that someone would want to buy a new home before they have reached the stage of selling their own home and therefore have to pay for the acquisition of a new home before they receive the sales revenue from that home. Recently, Alan Margolis, United Trust Bank's bridge-building manager, said that the conditions under which bridge funding is used have increased significantly.

Thus, for example, it noted that the bridging was used to fund the refinancing of large real estate portfolio in cases where an outstanding credit line was due to mature and significant burdens were imposed if it was not reimbursed. The bridge was also used in company deals, Mr. Margolis added, where the short-term finance backed by the company's or private wealth is part of a longer-term finance acquisition program.

Mr Rob Jupp, new president of the Association of Bridging Professionals, said consultants should consider building a bridge to help customers navigate the four following scenarios: 1 ) Fractured necklace. Wherever customers have found their home of their dreams, but have either not yet resold their current home, or perhaps the supply line has collapsed and they have already forgotten their purchaser.

2 ) Sale by sale. Buying a piece of real estate at bidding, Mr Jupp said that there are usually rigorous finishing dates of 28 workingdays, with a 10% security fee payable on the date of the bid. Often, when a home needs to be repaired to make it livable, a traditional mortgager will not grant a loan until the work has been finished.

4 ) Reduced price. For example, if customers have succeeded in acquiring a real estate that is being sold at a deduction from OMV, the seller may find himself in difficulties financially and may have to resell to prevent reoccupation, or may be in a rush to do so.

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