Dun and Bradstreet Check your Credit

Dun and Bradstreet Check Your Creditworthiness

Has your finance department a strict credit check? For more information, see Ongoing Customer Monitoring below. Brief review of strength and risk.

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Employer: Does VIBE mean anything to you?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has created the Web-based Validation Tool for Enterprises (VIBE) programme in an attempt to improve the assessment of labour market related migration applications. The VIBE uses information from the Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) information service to provide validation of essential information for enterprises and organisations applying to hire immigrant labour.

In the event that the information provided in the complaint does not correspond to the VIBE data, the complaint may be filed before the complaint is accepted. The VIBE allows USCIS to gather the following information: Prior to submitting an application for a job for a non-resident, enterprises and organisations should make sure that the information provided through D&B is up to date and consistent with the information provided in the application for work.

D&B can be contacted directly in two ways to verify the correctness of your recording. There, the Refresh Your D&B Report links provide a safe way for a company to directly refresh its information and fix any discrepancies it may find in its corporate log. D&B advises employees to check their commercial documents with D&B to make sure that they are up to date before submitting a labour law application in order to prevent delay in handling their applications.

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