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Credit report Dun and Bradstreet free of charge

Industry-leading data and analysis from Dun & Bradstreet can help provide the enterprise-level insight necessary to help modern credit teams manage financial risk and improve cash flow. Benefit from the world's largest enterprise database with a free trial* that includes the following:

The Dun & and Bradstreet International Risk & Payment Review (review of risks and payments)

Every company or person conducting cross-border business is subject to sovereign risk: the risks associated with the overall government, business and commerce performances of a state. D&B country insight solutions enable you to assess your risks in countries such as external markets, FDI and asset allocation. Information & free samples:

In case you have not yet downloaded and used Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you can get it here for free. The D&B County Insight snapshots provide a concise estimate of the risks involved in doing business within a given economy, given its current economical, social and financial state.

These 9-page spreadsheets are regularly reviewed on a regular basis to help you track and analyse your overseas operations and usually give a summary of the more in-depth information in the D&B County Insight Report. It comprises a CountryRiskIndicator, a guideline on payments timing and delay, a set of forecast based KPIs and an outline of recent trends in CountryRisk.

The D&B County Insight Report provides important information and analyses on the trading and investing environments of an individual nation and provides around 40 pages of comprehensive analyses for assessing global threats and rewards. Available for over 130 jurisdictions, these comprehensive summaries are subdivided into chapters to help you tackle the major areas of exposure that can impact your global operations.

Analyses include cyclical projections and the D&B CountyRisk Indicator ratings, which provide a cross-country benchmark for comparing the exposures of businesses around the world. County risk for the InternetD&B County value for money service for the Web provides extensive information for assessing global threats and rewards. D&B's portfolio of subscription-based products include a combined set of D&B country insight snapshot and detailed reporting, as well as archive briefings on a variety of issues of interest to globalization.

Country Insight Services' range of subscriptions available from Country Insight Services is described in more detail below: Online Risk & Payment Review Contains a compilation of more than 130 D&B Country Insight snapshot stories, divided into geographic areas, that D&B's online industry researchers research and write using information from D&B's worldwide country coverage ecosystem.

The information is complemented by supplementary archival information and updates on a regular quarterly base. Includes 6 local and 1 local collections of detailed D&B Country Insight Reports, complemented by D&B Country Insight Snapshots, which deliver extensive information to help ease your overseas deal.

The information is complemented by supplementary archival information and updates on a regular quarterly base. Notice: The information provided in the above example report is time-critical. It is strongly recommended that you obtain up-to-date information before making any credit or credit evaluation decision.

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