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Recipients of these reports are. Business Research from Dun & Bradstreet for free It is rare these times to find high value commercial information on the Internet that is free, but Dun and Bradstreet's Zapdata provides it in abundance. Senior economic research scientists know that it is hard to find high-quality industrial research on the Internet. There is a world-class resources offering some of the best sector studies for free.

Dune and Bradstreet's Zapdata.com provides free marketing information to anyone who solicits it. This website maintains that these studies would usually be $100 or more and take a few months to produce from other resources. Using Zapdata.com, you can create real-time SIC source sector reporting based on D&B transaction information that the organization wants to keep up to date.

Just use the fundamental SIC code-based branch selection to create your report. As soon as you have addressed the sector you are interested in, you can pick up to five research report(s). Statistical analysis of product sizes. Figures include the aggregate number of U.S. businesses in the four-digit SIC codes you selected, the aggregate number of individuals working in this sector, the aggregate annual revenue for the SIC codes, the aggregate number of individuals per company, and the aggregate revenue per company.

Marketing research according to enterprise sizes. This report contains the number of enterprises in the selected four-digit SIC codes, their combined and weighted employee numbers, and their combined and weighted yearly revenue. Breakdown of the markets by federal states. The number of enterprises in this four-digit SIC codes, their overall and mean number of staff, and their overall and mean yearly turnover are displayed for each federal state.

Metropolitan region based marketing research. In a similar way to the regional survey, you can see for each metropolitan area the number of enterprises in this SIC codes, their overall and mean number of staff as well as their overall and mean yearly turnover. Marketing research according to specialist areas. Each eight-digit SIC key below the four-digit SIC key you selected shows the number of organizations across the United States, their combined number and employee averages, and their combined and weighted yearly revenue.

Zapdata's research is an extraordinarily wealthy resource for commercial information - and demonstrates the principle that some of the best things in our lives are really free. It has reaffirmed its domination over Google in the Russia marked. Speech search's ascent is no mystery, and many businesses are still asking themselves how to deal with it.

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