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Complimentary Country Information Snapshot Reports: firm search Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number is a non-indicative nine-digit number associated with each Dun & Bradstreet site in the Dun & Bradstreet data base with a clear, separated and unambiguous company and managed exclusively by Dun & Bradstreet. U-N-S number is used by industry and organisations around the globe as a worldwide identifier and tracker tool for businesses.

In case you do not have a D-U-N-S number, you can get it for free from the SBS page.

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Using D&B technologies to save the equivalents of up to 1,600 disks or 200,000 pages of D&B information on a CD, Duns Reference Plus is released six and a half time a year. The Duns Reference Plus communication softwares connect to D&B's data base via automatic dial-up via D&B modems at the push of a mouse key, without the need for further operator intervention.

Order D&B data files are loaded onto the PC of the user's PC and saved via the Duns Reference Plus report manager system. Dun & Bradstreet Corporation will include Dun & Bradstreet Information Services, the world's leading provider of business-to-business loan, market and collection information, Moody's Investors Service, a leading provider of ratings services worldwide, and Reuben H. He will also be directly in charge of Dun & Bradstreet Information Services' (DBIS) Technology & Business Systems division in the United States.

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Dun' s Law and Castle (Walkhighlands)

A simple promenade through the Duns Castle area, including a relatively simple ascent to the top of Duns Law and a quiet forest promenade. There' s a view over the city of Duns and the Cheviots, and the opportunity to breed geese, duns and other game birds in Hen Poo, a former kurling lake.

Forest roads and trails, some with roads and sidewalks and some grass-covered hills. Coach to Duns. Car park on the way to the fortress, Duns. You can not only find our descriptions of each hiking trail, but also the experience of other hikers on this and other hikes. We have 2 reviews for this stroll - click here to view them.

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