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E-lending to exit the mortgage business. and E-Loan Micro Financing Limited, Montego Bay. If you need credit, we offer you easy access to it. E- Loan is a leading online mortgage provider.

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E-Loan, the US-based E-Loan credit on-line trading system, is expected to exit the mortgages market after recording a net US $87.4 million in the third quarterly period. E-Loan co-founder and former CEO Chris Larsen has created an imitation of the UK's Zopa Financial Services Delivery System, a web-based system that separates bank intermediaries and brings individuals directly into contact with creditors.

Nasdaq (BPOP), the premier Puerto Rican bank, and E-LOAN, Inc. Nasdaq: EELN, an on-line retail credit provider, today announces the signature of a final agreement under which Popular, Inc. will purchase 100% of the Common Stocks and Ordinary Match Units of E-LOAN, Inc. in issue and pending for $4.25 per diluted ordinary share or approximately $300 million.

E-Loan, the on-line credit institution, has acquired a new USD 5 million loan from Charles Schwab Corporation through the acquisition of a convertibles bond. Subject to an annual interest rate of 8%, the bond matures on January 19, 2003 and is exchangeable into ordinary shares at a price of $1.06 per ordinary share. Additional conversion rights are available upon request. Etienne Handman, former VP of McAfee at Oberthur Card Systems, has been named E-Loan's CEO in charge of the US E-Loan credit line.

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