Easiest place to get a Credit Card with no Credit

The easiest place to get a credit card without credit.

Initial credit card 18 years old First, make sure you are on the electoral roll at your present location; you can do this by phoning your municipal councillor and it will enhance your credit rating and reduce the number of ID verifications you have to complete. Second, it is the credit card itself.

In order to body your approval past, you condition to use any cardboard with sincerely alarming curiosity tax (usually 30% APR and up). I strongly recommend that for your own benefit you fully purchase your card every single months and only make small transactions. Again, don't wear a counterbalance; don't make big buys, and while I'm at it, don't draw money.

The best credit card you can request is from Capital One (http://www.capitalone.co.uk), you want the Classic Visa. £100, which is just enough to get you started, and after you have paid 3 replies on time you' re in line for an increase on () although again my comment about buying off in full/no big buys stays as the interest on this card is very high.

They both have a floor of at least £250. IMPORTANT BIT - after you've said that before you take out a credit card, ask yourself why you want one. Would you like to create a credit story for yourself by using it (good idea!) or keeping it for emergency purposes (good ideas, although saving is a better idea), or do you just want to buy a new, glossy thing NOW and not later and bolt the buck (bad idea!)?

With the latter, then don't use a credit card, for if you're just going to begin placing public issues on your credit card, if, as you say, you have little cash entering from a part-time job, it might be a few month later aching if you raise interest up at an amazing rates.

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