Easy Approval Credit Cards with no Credit History

Simple approval of credit cards without credit card history

Retail financing is sometimes easier to obtain than a credit card or a loan, due to less stringent credit criteria. Sara: The 1 billion pound high street bull you may not know. Maybe you've never even heared of Klarna. However, after doing business with Asos, JD Sports and Topshop in the last 12 month, it's up there with the largest brands in High Street. Clarna says it provides buyers with the ultimative "try before you buy" moment.

When you want to try on 200 on your footwear or clothes, it gives you the opportunity to deliver the goods to you in one go and not have to prepay anything.

Instead, the store or retail merchant is bought by Klarna, who in turn assumes the debts. Buyers who buy from Klarna can decide for up to 30 full day what they want to keep and Klarna receives a percent of the price from the retail. As long as the buyer returns everything he does not want before 14 or 30 trading day has passed - according to the merchant - he or she just has to pay for the retained buys and there are no further fees or interest and no fees.

This is when a individual can face elevated fees and debt that can eventually compromise their creditworthiness. Klarna also performs only a so-called "soft" credit assessment for persons who want to use its services. Then it verifies whether the buyer has had any reimbursement issues with himself or other merchants, and if not, an immediate loan is likely to be granted.

Approximately 70% to 80% of the UK's candidates - mainly teenagers and 20 year olds - are acceptable and this year more than one million have used Klarna's Pay Later services. Meanwhile, Jane Tully, foreign relations manager at the Money Advice Trust - the National Debtline's head of charities - said that while "buy now, repay later" provides some buyers with credit flexibilty, it can also cause monetary difficulties.

" So, unlike a credit or debit card, if you go over a certain amount of time that you intend to pay and you begin to pay fees and interest, this is a different kind of payment because we work with the client. "If you have any difficulties in making the refund, we offer flexible ways in which you can eventually refund it to Klarna.

"If you have any problems with the refund, you will not be able to use our services in the near term. "We base our approach to our services on a good history of payment for our services and the ability to pay it back.

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