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Presidential Candidate in Mali: How IBK Conquered the Voices of the North

Although Suumaïla Kissé comes from the north of Mali, the northern regions voted overwhelmingly for Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. It was Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (IBK) who scored some of his best results in the northern regions and beat his rivals South America La Villaissé, although he comes from Niafunké near Timbuktu, at almost all polling stations.

"In several offices in the Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal regions, IBK even received 100% of the votes," says Ibrahim Maïga, an analyst at the Security Research Institute (ISS). According to the Coalition for the Observation of Citizens' Elections in Mali (Cocem), a group of civil society associations in Mali, this is the case at 107 of the 1,337 polling stations in the Timbuktu region, 88 of the 881 polling stations in the Gao region and 7 of the 110 polling stations in Kidal.

The figures published after the announcement of the preliminary results, from office to office, go in the same direction. In Tessalit, in the northern Kidal region, in an office with 460 registered voters, 448 voted, 450 of them for the IBK. An office in the Niger town of Rurous, about 60 kilometres east of Timbuktu, registered 458 voters for 458 registered voters: and 449 voted for IBK!

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