Easy small Loans

Simple small credits

If you need more time to repay, you can take out a small personal loan. In the ideal case, small loans are easier to manage. The Yuchengco Group of Companies | RCBC now makes corporate lending faster and simpler for small businesses.

Small businesses looking to grow their businesses or keep their operations running can now quickly and easily apply for a commercial mortgage with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation's (RCBC) new short-term lending facilities, the Rizal Biz Access Line. Introduced last year, the newly introduced CCBC Rizal Biz Access Line is a short-term secure credit line that provides working capital and helps finance the daily running costs of entrepreneurs with small and very small businesses.

In contrast to other corporate loans, this new lending facilities gives retail outlet directors at retail outlets a straight line of action in granting a corporate lending, beginning with a P1 million to P5 million minimum. As a result, the lending approvals procedure is shortened because bankers no longer have to handle individual loans clerks. Borrower must have a home and prove that their transaction is profitable.

The duration is up to 360 workdays. "CCBC Rizal Biz Access Line shortens the lending cycle. Interested candidates should contact their local branches directly who can already approve the above commercial loan," said Ted Edward Tolentino, Head of the Retail Lending and Credit Division of CCBC.

RCBC Rizal Biz Access Line authorized RCBC Biz Access Line borrower also get their own multifunctional current accounts for simpler and quicker lending approval with a lower current accounts. So far, the Rizal Biz Access Line has collected RCBC authorised credits amounting to 1 150 million and has a combined number of 50 beneficiaries.

Those authorised borrower are active in various businesses such as retailing, production, services, grocery, building, agriculture and wholesaling, among others. Interested borrower can easily get in touch with their local manager for further information and/or other enquiries about the Biz Access Line.

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