Emergency Cash Advance

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Which is an emergency loan and a replacement for an emergency card? Credit cards Should you loose your ticket abroad, we can send you a provisional ticket within three workingdays. The only thing you have to do is call us at 0800 161 5308 if you are in the UK or +44 (0) 1604 230 230 230 if you are abroad and we will take you there.

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Advance cash in case of emergency, household insurance | Within AXA

Just think, you lose all your property and have to buy important things immediately - be it new clothing, toilet articles or other things that keep you alive. Just think, you care where you're gonna be sleeping that whole evening. With the added hassle of asking yourself how you're gonna be paying for all this.

That is why we have implemented the emergency cash advance. Up to £1,000 is available with our emergency cash advance within a few short working days of your call*. You will be cared for immediately without having to worry about how you will survive the next few weeks. Payed if you cannot stay in your house and are part of your overall claims adjustment.

Many of us will have to collect some funds in the future.

Many of us will have to collect some funds in the future. No huge amount, just an advance on our next paycheck - maybe the paycheck went wrong, or you need something that can't hold until the end of the months.

So if you can't use a current account and don't want (or can) use a debit line, what are your choices? Luckily, you are now able to take out a short-term borrowing that will keep you afloat until you are next remunerated. Provided you successfully complete our lending and affordable loans tests and we believe you have the ability to pay back the loans on schedule, you will get your loans within 15 min of your approved date.

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