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Municipal welfare - Emergency aid from your council.

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Emergency credit is a reimbursable amount designed to immediately and promptly give economic assistance to those in urgent need of funds as a consequence of expenditure arising from a critical moment, catastrophe or other emergency. These could involve payment for certain goods (such as furnishings, household appliances and clothing) to compensate for goods damaged in a fire or flooding, and the costs of subsistence to meet the costs of foodstuffs, services or benefits that have been either wasted or stolen.

Can anyone request an emergency credit? If you have fully paid back all your earlier loans or can prove that you are repaying a credit, you can request an emergency credit. You may be able to use your correspondent email if you do not have a permanent email account, if it has been validated....

Is there anything not covered by the Regulation? Certain persons are banned from the emergency credit system and cannot apply. This includes: most persons who are subjected to migration controls. Furthermore, some expenditures are always debarred from emergency credit. This includes: Travelling allowances. What is the disbursement procedure for the credit?

There are two ways to obtain your credit if your request is accepted, according to your own situation and whether you have received support for your cost of living or for certain matters. In both cases, you must arrange a redemption schedule for your mortgage that includes a 2% interest per month.

They will never ask you to pick up your emergency credit in person. Do they? Prepayments are designed to assist singles who have a residence relationship with the district and move into privately leased housing within the district. Requests will only be taken into consideration if you have been released from long-term nursing treatment, e.g. imprisonment, or if you have to find a home as part of a relocation or re-education plan and meet the eligibility requirements.

When you feel these conditions are applicable to you, you should first consult the Single Homeless Intervention and Prevention (SHIP) department.

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