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Over a period of two week I tried to log in to Equifax Protect (after losing my data). On both occasions I was informed that I would get an e-mail with a new my username and my username - but it never came. Personally, I chose to e-mail, but I found that I had to have an affiliate before I could do it - and that's exactly what I can't do!

It was disgusting for me to get a check from you today for 20 pounds of "compensation" from 22.1.18 when I said to you on 17.1.18 that I did not want that check. Mr Remons' written assurances to Nicky Morgan MP of 23.10.17 " As an FCA governed company, Equifax Ltd has already set itself the objective of providing equitable care to those who have reservations or complaints about Equifax Ltd and we have a good track-record of responsible behaviour.

If in the event a user thinks in the event of a violation by Equifax Inc. that he or she has become a victim of ID fraud and thinks that the violation was the cause, the claim will be fairly and promptly investigate. Until 28.11.17 I did not get a note from you informing me of the violation. I couldn't get protection in good time.

Keep imprecise dates for me (old adress for my checking account) even though you changed them almost two years ago (confirmed at the bank). Asking Equifax about this, they said they had approached my bench, which had said that my Equifax records were correct! {\pos (192,210)}I went to raise my credit for a credit but couldn't sign up.

What I was said about was that I didn't have a freze even though I had a note in front of me saying that I had a freze on my bank and the CC firm wasn't able to verify my balance.

At Equifax, the woman spoke to her superior, and they both acknowledged that I had no freezing, but I did tell them that I should, and I have a personal identification number and a receipt number from a few month ago when I put a lock on my bank statement, as well as I had used the freezer before.

Well, this for once, the queen said yes, I had a frostbite. Took her forever to give me another verification number, and she said she picked up my frost. I' ve tried asking the CC firm several time but they can't get in because they say the freze is still on my bankroll and I don't have a working number.

The EQUIFAX should be switched off entirely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to verify my scores and they are offering me 30 free test time. This is theft, because I have not given them my consent. In contact with my bench and telling them their lies. The Bad Company is not even suggested!

The Bad Company is not even suggested! Tried to get in touch with them to get a reimbursement, and I didn't hear from them at all, and it was one months per attempt, now I tried to sign in with the same access details I used during my probation and they didn't allow me to sign me in, of course I quit, but they still sent me messages and reviews without my approval since last months on my bankroll.

I cannot log in once or even get in touch with them to get my reimbursement as they have the rule that you must log in to your bankroll in order to get a notice to them. I' m not recommending this firm at all, they are risky, they will reverse it so you can't even get in touch with them, but they will still bill your for it.

Be sure to review your checking list periodically to make sure they do not occasionally receive funds from your checking list without your consent. The Equifax fraud alert! I got a cheerful note from Equifax. It was just to frighten the addressee - and told me that my data had been compromised, including' The Brief says that Equifax can therefore FREE of charge supervise and secure my other data such as my driver's license numbers, e-mail address, credit/debit card, banking and NI numbers.

You can be protected. Janice Rudd, Director of Operations wrote the note. When you have got the same mail, please submit your claim to the Insolvency Service; this business does not actually earn a star. After withdrawing funds from my bank after canceling the 3 week notice period, I have recorded a grievance with them, and then been informed that I must have made a mistake when I clearly said to them that I had been sent an e-mail from them acknowledging the termination, "the computer says no" comes to my attention with the personnel they have.

Equally poor is the client relationship management staff, I got a mail with misspellings and incorrect data, and the worse part is that the reason for my complaints was not even mention. When you want to verify your credit, then Experian is the business you should use, I've been using it for over a year and its services are 100x better.

Horrible society. The credit report is imprecise, but the only way to get it across is through a dedicated "support account" that needs additional registration. Authentication information doesn't work and when I try to roll it back, I learn that an email has been sent, but it never gets there! Therefore I phoned Equifax and asked for an e-mail so I could send it directly by e-mail and was informed that this was not possible.

UNDER all that, they billed me twice for my mandatory report. Trying to nullify practically impossibility... not only that my credit rating had gone down as without me doing something? Bombed with e-mails that tell me something's not right with my credit rating, every single click on a beam it sends you e-mails that you've signed up to another app?

After receiving the "hacked" mail and deciding to accept her Equifax Protect quote, I tried 5 times to use the on-line services, but kept getting an alert. Then they want my credit cards. When I used Equifax to verify my creditworthiness, I cancelled my subscription by telephone.

I needed another two installments from my local banks before I could cancel them. You said you had no records of the closing and declined to give me a full refund. What? And I did this at just the right moment as my spouse and her savings were terminated without any problem. Now I use to be paying for safety service... I can't picture that they are going to fix any credit troubles on my accounts.

Whole trash what a total and total idiot on the telephone in Ireland call center who argues why a facility they haven't provided for 5 month shouldn't be repaid, at the end I'll let them keep my 75 pound cash which they' ve billed me for credit review and not provided, it's not the power value but thought I'd let others know.

Like all other reviewers, both my spouse and I have been receiving mail saying that dates have been intercepted in the States. This is the same text we got for your other service. We' ve never used the business before, so I estimate that the information they contain is what they have obtained from credit research conducted by reputable businesses we have been dealing with in the past.

Out of the clear sky EQUIFAX? In November, got a note saying Equifax was picked in the USA. How did they get my name and telephone number? I didn't know Equifax or was involved with Equifax? Just request your business now.

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