Equity Bridge Loan Definition

Definition of the equity bridge loan

Remarkable offers/highlights With the growth and maturity of the investment industry, the demand for financial services is growing for investment companies and investment companies. Funding needs may range from equity bridge or call facility to support the cash flow and pace of executing equity mutuals, to more emotive investment vehicles used by hedging mutuals in conjunction with their own prime- brokerage arrangements, such as NAV-based margined lending to deliver cash or leveraging and equity or unit-linked derivatives approaches.

We have financial practices that include both derivative and banking credit businesses, and our joint capabilities provide our customers with advice on all fund funding issues, from design and structure to implementation. If necessary, we can draw on the capabilities of our senior fund and supervisory attorneys, who are at the cutting edge of developing the markets.

Our attorneys have provided advice on some of the most cutting-edge and challenging transaction types on the industry. Our services have included advising both creditors and custodian banks on the presentation and program documents of loans and derivatives, as well as advising on a number of transaction types for creditors and portfolio management companies. This work is cross-border in scope and we have carried out operations with all major jurisdiction where individual investment trusts are based and are acquainted with the investment trusts used in the markets.

Having provided advice to both fund managers and bankers in this area, we are able to take a fair, effective and commercially viable transaction strategy while preserving technological quality. Counsel to a California based banking institution on a call facility for a leading risk investment company that invests in high tech businesses across Europe.

Advised a MNB on a line of credit for equity subscriptions to a UK domiciled multi-sector equity group. Representing a number of global banking institutions on a range of lending to hedging mutuals backed by a securities pools of assets, covering all relevant securities and custody matters and financial collateral regulation advisory.

Representing a creditor in a call for funds facility for a UK based equity mutual funds which can be withdrawn from its asset book through documentary credits to support acquisition and investments.

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