Equity in my home

Justice in my home

Home-reversion: You sell part or all of your home to a home-reversion provider in exchange for a lump sum or regular payments. Do you know that you can take advantage of the increase in value of your property by rescheduling against your equity? Am I charged for early repayment of my mortgage? When you are of retirement age and own a home, you may consider using Equity Release to access money tied up in your home. but I couldn't quite understand it.

Is it possible to share the equity in my house and buy it with my friend?

Nikki, What You Are Planning is known as "Let To Buy", where you capitalize on your current real estate and simultaneously transfer it to a Buy To Let base. The money collected will then be used as a security for your new home.

Simultaneously we set up a home loan for you and your spouse for your new home. Let To Buy" has one of the true advantages of being able to select from the entire range of loans for both types of loans, rather than from a single borrower who does both.

Where can I get equity from my home?

There are a few things you need to know if you want to get some additional capital out of your home if you think you can profit from some additional resources during your retire. You may have many issues about releasing shares, so a good first move on how to releasing shares is to check out our Share Approval FAQ.

The FAQ can answer more than just the FAQ and, more to the point, can be easily reread and communicated with others participating in the decision-making as well. As soon as you have learnt more about the share approval and if you choose that the share approval is the right step for you, an independent finance advisor can show you a personalized illustrated picture that explains the finance detail in much more detail, gives you share approval prices and gives you accountable guidance.

Next would be to have your home appraised and choose a lawyer of your choosing to do the work. Are high street banking institutions such as TSB, Natwest and Santander etc., equity releases carried out? Where can I get equity from my home? What is the equity releasing process? What equity can I free up?

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