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Preparing for a higher interest rate for your mortgage. Equity-release Zinssatz | Equity Release Supermarkt After Friday's mail about Aviva's reduction of the capital base for its Lifestyle Flexi Programme (Drawdown Programme), another creditor has now followed the example. Today LV= (Liverpool Victoria) announced that it will also reduce its interest rates effective February 1, 2012 for both its Lifetime Mortgage and Flexible Lifetime Mortgage drawing arrangements.

Even though interest rates are higher than those of the two biggest suppliers - Aviva & Just Retirement - LV= has some characteristics that make it different from the rest. In other words, there is no linkage to credit tariffs as a base for calculating prepayment penalty, as Aviva & Just Retirement do.

The Equity Relase Supermarket currently receives a free LV= rating without a time limit. Halifax Stock Exchange Program is a mortgages program that only applies to interest. In this kind of schema, the pending budget balances remain stable throughout the life of the plans. Applicants only have to periodically repay interest to the creditor.

Conventional roll-up equitylease systems do not demand interest payment from the sponsor. Interest rates, however, continue to rise during the term of office. At current interest rates, the amount of the credit will continue to double after about 10-11 years, depending on the capital relief interest rates. Pensioners who can pay back their state pensions or allowances on a regular basis should choose a Halifax Equity Relief Plans.

Since experts have the necessary skills and know-how, they can help you find the right system to meet your needs. What makes Halifax Equity Releases so popular? Halifax Equity Relase Plans, which are a pure interest rate mortgages schedule for retirees, do not involve repayments.

It is also one of the most exciting characteristics of the Halifax Equity Relase Plans. In this type of schema, your hypothec is assigned to your loan for a period of 40 years. Luckily, there are still some ways pensioners can attract funds, and especially through justice in their houses they can profit from it.

Share ownership programs can generate income for pensioners from the value of their houses. Owners of share redemption plans have the certainty that the interest rates chosen at the beginning will be exactly the same throughout the term of the plans. Should the interest rates of the Bank of England increase, the equity base interest rates will not be affected.

SHIP members are also covered by a share capital protection scheme. Furthermore, with the roll-up life hypothec, the owners of the plans always remain 100% owners of the real estate. Therefore, any upsurge in the home value is reversed by the owner of the share exemption scheme and not by the creditor.

Acceptance of a stock exemption program, however, leads to a lower level of estate inherited by the owner's immediate descendants.

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