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Real Estate Search - Help with buying East and Southeast In order to find a house that matches your particular needs, please type your query in the fields below and a full listing of available properties will appear on the screens. Real estate information is periodically refreshed so you can view all your available Help to Buy opportunities in the East and South East of England at any given moment.

Have you found a real estate that interests you? In order to request a home with an equity loan, you must fill out a real estate information and reservation forms with the builder. In order to request co-ownership or rent to purchase real estate, you must approach the Housing Company/Registered Vendor who is going to sell or rent the real estate to indicate your interest.

You must complete and approve a Help to Buy request for the program before you can make a reservation or tour appointment. Information on the properties available on this website will be added by the accommodation companies when they are available for sale. Helpdesk to Buy East and South East cannot check this information and therefore cannot certify its correctness once it has been closed or resold.

If you need further information about the properties mentioned, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly with the apartment search.

Assistance with the purchase of new houses

A minimum of 5% of the real estate must be payed with the buyer's caution. For the next 20%, a loan from the federal administration will be used, which in this example would be £40,000. 75% of the balance is covered by a loan from a creditor who participates in the system. Your public-sector loan share is governed by different regulations than the mortgages share.

Mortgages remain a part of the lender's normal business. If you come to pay back the equity loan, keep in mind that the amount is charged as a percentage of the value of the house at that point in and out. That means that the amount could be higher OR lower than the initial loan you took out through Help to Buy.

An equity loan cannot be used to buy a buy-to-lease capital expenditure, a joint equity programme, a second home or a real estate asset with a value in excess of £600,000. What is the best thing for me, an equity loan or a mortgages bond? Equity-loan or help to buy: Mortgages guaranteed. If you set 5% of the real estate cost for a new construction house, the federal administration will add 20% to make a 25% aggregate contribution.

Thats then giving a 75% mortage to find from a moneylender. This 20% equity loan is interest-free for the first five years and is due 1.75% of the loan value per yr times the actual retail index plus 1%. When you choose to resell the real estate before the loan is repaid, then the federal administration gets 20% of the sales value and you get 80%.

5% is deposited by the purchaser as a down payment, 15% of the other 95% of the loan will be paid by the federal authorities if the purchaser defaults. Having the mortgages partially secured by the governments, it is expected that creditors will provide lower interest rate, although this is not secured.

On the other hand, the mortgages that you take out must be a redemption mortgages, not a surety, an encumbrance or a pure interest rate mortgages. The value of the real estate you request may not exceed 4.5x your personal earnings. The last date on which you can close a mortgage-guaranteed sales transaction is December 31, 2016, after which the system closes.

Yes, one of the many advantages of purchasing a new home is that you can buy it before completion. This results in a situation where a prospective purchaser is given early rewards, such as the payment of lawyers' or stamping charges or some "extras" free of charge. But you can also see layouts, similar objects on-line, or computer-generated themes.

As with any other home buy, do as much research as you can about the area, review all the information you receive and do not just depend on the building owner's pledges. Purchasing a home off-plan can also have additional benefits, such as that it is usually more valuable when finished than the cost you pay for it at the start of it.

As soon as you are fully happy, the real estate is the one you want to buy, then you can make a reservation. They must also find a creditor who will make the remainder of the loan, e.g. 75%, available for an equity loan. Will I have to foot the stamping tax? SDLT, generally known as the simple stamping tax, applies to all assistance with the acquisition of real estate.

The SDLT is applied to the full 100% real estate acquisition cost even if it is divided into the 5% security interest, 20% equity loan and 75% mortgages. They can either make a one-time advance prepayment (known as fair value option) on the full fair value of the real estate.

Otherwise you can gradually reimburse the stamping tax. Nevertheless, you do not have to foot tax if you go upstairs until you own 80% of the real estate. Is there any restriction on the kind of real estate I can buy? Help to Buy Equity Loan helps you to limit the kind of real estate you can buy.

Regarding the asking value, the maximal value of the real estate is £600,000 in England. In Scotland, the relevant legislation provides for the staggering of ceilings on real estate values from year to year. Wales has a £300,000 limit on the value of a home. And there are no limitations on the number of rooms the flat has or the general nature of the flat it is.

If you are looking for help to buy a home, you will always see the Help to Buy icon next to the home informing you that it is suitable for the program. Help to Buy's goal is to help purchasers get to the real estate managers. If for example you were in the army on a mandatory touring away from home, then it may be possible, but even then you would need approval from your home office landlord and tenant.

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