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FAA/PACT contract, BBC equity contract and ITV equity contract. Stock money transfer to Kenya. Payment tariffs Rates per hour: £100 Minimum 2 hrs. Half price (4 hours): 2nd and following years are adding 10% to the initial charge, e.g.

web usage: Often contained in the press/hour charge, but to be reviewed. There will be extra work after 22.00 noon. Four and a half hour, 15 minutes past work. Thereafter, a dual call is due, so this tariff is only recommended if you know it is less than four-hour.

Supportive Artists is not necessary to give an characterization in a character roll or to talk a dialog beyond mass noises or reactions. Although Walk-on artists are not obliged to give an indivdual characterization in a roll, they may be needed to embody an identified person, assume an indivdual sense of purpose, and pronounce a few insignificant (unwritten) words in which the exact words said do not play a part.

Nightshift work is work that either goes beyond 12 p.m. or begins between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Day work which unexpectedly changes to work after 12.15 p.m. is remunerated in the form of extra hours at nights. REISE - This is due to actual productions, although there are some loosely defined regulations for getting payed to the closest BBC studios.

We do not work extra time, as kids should not be on the sets for more than 9hrs. Workday: 8 working hrs distributed over 9 workhours. 1½ x per working time is charged for extra work. Night work is payed until 7 a.m. 1 ½ times the per diem fee. 10 hrs. per week - extra charge of 1/5 of the per hrs. per night or part time.

Payment tariffs

In the name of its members, ITC negotiations on contracts with the relevant trade union organisations for: administration personnel, theatre workers, artists, designers, producers, combat producers, actors, set builders and authors. Below are some of our notes on the use of these rates. The Equity has reached agreement with the channels on minimal terms for news and magazine programmes:

Every member of the firm participating in the admission must have given their agreement in advance (regardless of whether they are contained in the excerpts or not). Payment is the sole responsability of the programming society and should be arranged before admission (see below). Photographs may not be taken in the attendance of a buying public.

This policy does not cover the use of videos, DVD/CD and other recording for professional purposes. Negotiations on such records should be conducted on equity.

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