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Are you looking for a Global Account Manager to join our team? segmented reporting Segmented structuring subdivides your data base into groups based on single features. This can be as easy as separating your masculine and feminine clients, or it can be done through something more complicated. Why is Experian segmented uniquely? Mozaic subdivides the US populace into 19 groups and 71 more specific categories.

Experian has over 30 years of expertise in the field of Customer Excellence and provides a variety of award-winning customer segments. Because Mosaic is activated across multiple canals, it provides you with a common way to gain insights and achieve them all. Use Mosaic to get to know, win and keep your clients in the following ways:

The only thing you need to do is to register with our mosaic segmented website. This will give you a deep comprehension of all mosaic groups and models and give you the necessary insights to make the most of mosaics. Within 24-48 business hour you will receive a login and pass word. You can also call your Experian Marketing Services sales representative or 877-902-4849 for more information about Mosaic USA.

If you don't have a login and passphrase, you can still get your hands on a group of mosaics and get a good feeling for the breadth and detail of information available to you. Please send your request for assistance with your Moskaic software to Experianmarketingsolutions@experian.com. Please use our download area to get a comprehensive picture of our range of segments.

This is where you can browse and view high-level information by type of item, such as the Grand Index and Grand Means charts and other information. There are also more detail chapters on groups and types of consumers that you can use for your own business use. There are a number of case histories that show how organizations have used our business intelligence solutions to enhance their business outcomes.

There are also whitepapers on new ways of looking at things and how to make the most of them. If you click Learn More at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to a specific section to learn more about our industry-specific offerings and our industry-specific service. Click on the links below for information on many of Experian's offerings and support options.

For a better grasp of how we can help you know, attract and retain more clients, please consult your account executive or call 877-902-4849.

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