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Previously I worked for Riskdisk, which became Experian Business Express. Helping companies answer these questions by getting an idea of the creditworthiness of their customers. Commercial & personal loan It is certainly true that many small business owner use face-to-face credit to run their business. But if you are a private entrepreneur, in the opinion of bankers and other creditors, your credit and business loan are tightly allied. It is therefore important to take measures to ensure the protection of both sides.

They should supervise, assess and safeguard your creditworthiness just as you would safeguard any other business or individual assets. Safeguard your own financial situation...make sure your credit history is the best it can be and give yourself the best opportunity to get the financing you need.

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The likelihood of companies with good credit standing being active is much higher in predominantly hilly areas as the speed of the business climate tends to be weaker. Experian's SME business manager, Ade Potts, said: To take the pause to review it can help director understanding how their business is seen by creditors, vendors and even clients; whether they are looking for financing for expansion or commercial loans for Vitality.

Expert buys ClearsScore for £275 million

For £275 million, Experian buys clear score. The 2-year old clear score provides free credit assessments to UK residents and has over 6 million clients. It is the largest UK technology exits in years and five-fold larger than the 2010 averages. Lonon - Credit review firm Experian is planning to buy UK credit start-up company clear score for 275 million ($385 million) in one of Britain's largest ever technology deals in years.

Notice that Experian announces plan to purchase the two-year London start-up on Thursday. Brian Cassin, Experian CEO, said the transaction is part of his company's "strategy to expand the range of products and solutions we offer to British consumers". The acquisition, if approved, will represent one of the largest technology exit deals in the UK in years and a major asset to the UK financial engineering industry.

Last year's Mind the Bridge research showed that the UK has averaged $75 million in technology exits since 2010, which means the ClearScore deals are about five fold the averages. Established in July 2015, ClearScore was the first UK consumer credit rating firm to offer completely free credit assessments and ratings.

It earns cash from commissions on sales of goods to clients who have their controls carried out. Although still a start-up, ClearScore already has over 6 million clients in the UK and the company is on course for sales of $55 million this year, Experian said. It also operates in South Africa, serving 200,000 clients.

Justin Basini, ClearScore Chief Executive Officer, said in a news posting announcement of the transaction, "I believe this transaction will enable us to accelerate our growth and create thrilling new innovation that will provide you, our existing customers, in the UK and South Africa, and hopefully billions more around the globe, with better value for money".

London VC Blenheim Chalcot and QED Investors, the VC business founded by CapitalOne co-founder Nigel Morris.

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