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Business Information for Insurance" is an online function that provides reports developed specifically for the commercial insurance market. Experian: Business information for insurers Experian endorses and abides by the privacy and security of personal information to safeguard the privacy of persons and to assure the appropriate use of information. Information available through Experian is made available to you on condition that you are aware of privacy practices and that you use and process the information appropriately.

Experian is obligated to do so: Complete compliance with laws; make sure that information is kept correct; apply appropriate QC processes; take all appropriate measures to provide appropriate third party information security measures. Commitments As a purchaser and controller of your personal information, you are required to do so:

Become acquainted with the law concerning information; process information in an appropriate way. When you choose to buy information from Experian, you are also required to comply with our General Business Practices Further information Further information Detail on the Privacy Acts of 1984 or 1998 or advise on a particular case or circumstances can be obtained from us:

Information Commissioner's office. Experian only uses personally identifiable information about this website in two instances. Information about people within your own company. We may need your personally identifiable information in order for you to be able to interact with the site.

This information is used to fulfill our commitments and to perform related functions such as providing assistance to you. This information may also be used by us to analyze the use of our service by our clients. Your information will not be used for any other purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.

Your customer information. In order for us to offer our service through this website, you must transmit personally identifiable information about your clients. However, we will compare the information you give about a person with the specific information about that person that is stored in other database (s) to which we have direct or indirect control, whether publicly or not.

This information will also be stored and used in the aggregate for the purpose of assisting other businesses in the review process. It is your responsibility to obtain the agreement of each of your clients to the use of their personally identifiable information in this manner in accordance with Clause 11(b) of the General Conditions.

Experian has prepared a streamlined guideline to the Data Protection Act 1998. Developed to help companies that collect personally identifiable information from clients, vendors, directors, stockholders, or other individuals. Please click here to get the simple instructions. It is available in Adobe PDF file form.

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