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The credit agencies are also obliged to offer free consumer services. Consumers who give an initial fraud warning are also entitled to free credit information. Get your free credit information There are three major credit bureaus in the United Kingdom, Callcredit, Equifax and Experian. Those agents collect information about us which is then used by creditors to help them decide whether or not to approve our credit requests. How much credit do you have?

Their creditworthiness is a three-digit figure and is determined on the basis of your credit histories and credit reports.

However, the higher your scores, the more likely it is that you will receive favorable quotes from creditors, be alerted in advance, having a good credit rating does not necessarily mean that you will be acceptable for the credit, as the acceptability levels of creditors vary from creditor to creditor. Apparently, no matter what we do in our everyday life, it will somehow be influenced by our creditworthiness, requesting a home or credit line or a credit are all things we should know, but it will also affect your request for cell phones or the renewal of your home or auto policy.

How can your creditworthiness be affected? Until recently I paid around 15 per cent per months to Experian to get my credit rating and credit report, by CreditExpert, I paid this devoutly without any thought for whether I got value for Money. These services provide advice on improving your credit rating, web banking to help safeguard your on-line identities, and most of all, for me, limitless creditworthiness.

Experian did not provide a free credit matcher until recently and now they do, with this credit matcher you get free credit forever, as the name implies, through this Experian Credit Matcher will compare you with the best credit cards, loan and mortgage services.

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