Experian Commercial Credit Report

The Experian commercial credit report

E-Series Business - Enterprise Monitoring Experian®â?? integrated credit analytics help you mitigate risks by tracking the creditworthiness of your customers, prospects or suppliers. Enhanced BMS provides you with enhanced accounting and with the possibility to control any UK operation through this highly reliable and streamlined services, you can help your company avoid loss of receivables and avoid cheating.

People who use monitoring are notified of changes that have taken place recently in the companies they have monitored through e-series busines. Commercial Delphi Monitoring (CDM) also allows you to track changes in the Commercial Delphi Scores percentages and values, a company's creditworthiness and credit limits. Clients who have selected Experian's Commercial Delphi Risks as part of a Limited company or financial report can use Experian's Commercial Delphi Riskscore.

Any " monitor " message is caused by a range of parameter settings that you define. Determine which changes are important for you to know what effect they can have on your organization.

Signed by PAYZONE for Experian Risk Report

Payzone, the premier payment and money allocation provider in Europe, has chosen Experian, the world''s largest information service provider, to expand its private client franchise while providing precise non-restricted enterprise credit rating. Payzone's payment to consumers and wholesale operations will use Experian's own report. Combining the vast databases of Experian and Commercial Delphi, a high-grade forecasting index of risks, the on-line commodity credit report will give Payzone a better understanding of the commodity credit lending processes for its private clients and in particular for smaller individual merchants.

The Payzone Group provides a broad array of retailing channels, covering all types of Payzone products, ranging from recharges, advance payment of electricity, invoice payment, on-line purchases and credit card payment to over 240,000 Points of Sale - terminal, automatic teller machine and POS - to more than 170,000 points of sale throughout Europe. Private clients vary from large multipliers to smaller independent ones.

Payzone's combined approach of reporting risks and Commercial Delphi will allow Payzone to obtain precise exposure values for unlimited clients. This will allow the firm to triple the number of smaller merchants complying with its credit guidelines by making its credit choices on the basis of Experian's mixed consumption and trade information, not just trade it.

for Payzone, said: "Experian's combined risk report and mixed Commercial Delphi information gives us a complete overview of a company, on-line and in real terms. Not only will this enable us to accommodate more deals with trust on the basis of true visibility, but it will also accelerate our decision-making process, enabling Payzone to bring new clients on board faster and more effectively".

Experian Managing Director of the Experian Information Department, Tony Pullen, said. "Through the integration of customer and store information, we are able to give Payzone a much more complete view of the risks and broader store interests and success record of those behind an unrestricted store. Not only is this forecasting ability important to show you who you shouldn't be doing deals with, as Payzone's past experiences show, it's also critical to show you who you should be doing deals with."

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