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Store IQ Experian Group is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has operations in Costa Mesa, California and Nottingham, UK. Reference to "Experian", "we" or "us" in this statement refers to Experian Limited. The Experian Group is part of a group of groups whose ultimate parent company is Experian Group Limited, a company quoted on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN).

Further information can be found on the Experian Group Limited website. EXPERIAN, its affiliates and related parties (collectively collectively the " "EXPERIAN Group"" in this Privacy Policy) through your use of the EXPERIAN MAKET IQ ("this Site"). Use of this website includes the place where you access this website and where you make information available to the Experian Group via this website, e.g. by subscribing to this website.

EXPERIAN " and the Experian graphic devices in relation to the squares and points are trade marks of Experian Ireland Limited and/or its affiliates and may be used in the EU, the USA and other jurisdictions. We at Experian are fully accountable for the handling of any personally identifiable information you submit to this website and are incorporated as UK Privacy Officer under the UK Privacy Act.

The Site may contain hyperlinks to other offerings, information and/or service that we believe may be of interest to you. When you visit other Web sites, we recommend that you read this policy. The Experian Group is not to be held liable for the information policy or practices or the contents of hyperlinked sites maintained and/or controlled by entities outside the Experian Group.

Please refer to this page for the general Experian Privacy Statement for www.experian.co. uk. Any information you submit to this online website will be used and safeguarded by us in accordance with the applicable Privacy Act and this Privacy Notice. Our main purpose in collecting personally identifiable information about you is to make available to you the goods and service you have ordered.

We may collect personally identifiable information about you if you elect to submit information to us through the use of this website, Experian IQ (for example, if you sign up to sign up to the website or otherwise communicate with us through this website). We may use your name, e-mail and company name, your registration number, your company name, your company mailing number, your cell number, your cell number, your cell number, and your cell ID to deliver a login ID and various tiers of client service by cell or e-mail or other means.

We may use the IP address on this Web site to offer you a personalized experience and for the same purpose as other information we gather about you. We may use your personally identifiable information and information gathered as a result of your use of this Web site to enhance our Web site and enhance our products andervices within the Experian Group.

Such uses may involve conducting research and analyses to improve our locations, information, database, products, service, and/or technology. We may use your information to contact you by e-mail or mail about similar Experian Group offers and related Experian related goods and related community offerings. Experian Group companies always deliver these e-mails.

At Experian, we will make sure that when you get our promotional messages, they give you the chance to opt out. Your personally identifiable information gathered through this website will be stored for a 12-month retention term following your last use so that you can continue to use your accounts for up to 12-month retention term following your last login.

Our policy is to limit your personally identifiable information to those who need to know that information in order to offer you a product or service, or for whom you have consented to have your information accessible. Protecting your privacy We have in place security measures that are physically, electronically and procedurally secure to safeguard your personally identifiable information.

Protecting your data over the web, Experian uses hardened web serving technology that allows web browsers (such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Explorer ) to interoperate with Experian's web servers through an encoded meeting. The Experian uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) link, which enables an encoded link between your computer and Experian.

Encrypts common text or information into ciphertext using 128-bit encryption to protect confidential information while traveling over the web. Every and every times you are on a part of this website that asks you to enter your personally identifiable information or accounting information, you are in a secure area.

As we are active worldwide in the provision of our goods and our service, this may mean that we transfer your personally identifiable information to jurisdictions outside the European Economic Area whose privacy legislation does not offer the same levels of security as those in the Republic of Ireland. When we do that, we will make sure that there is an arrangement in which everyone to whom we share the information will agree to handle it with the same degree of security as if we were handling it.

We review and improve our privacy statement from period to period, and we recommend that you periodically visit this page to review our most current privacy statement. At the top of this privacy statement, you can see the date on which it was last changed. They have the right to obtain information about the stored by us stored person-related information about you (for which we may levy a small fee).

Please send enquiries in written form to Experian Ltd, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG80 EN707WF. Please click here for information about the cookie used on this website. Most importantly, the following are the types of cookie used on this site: This is a cookie that is conceived in such a way that your visits to the website run as smoothly as possible.

Allow us to recognize your machine while you are using the Site so that you are not considered a new viewer each and every times you visit a different part of the Site; make sure that the server we use to provide electricity to the Site is serving an equivalent number of users each in order to make surfing as fast and responsive as possible for everyone; and respect the features of your web browsers.

Most importantly, they are:: The majority of web browser accepts cookie files automatic. However, you do not need to enable the use of any cookie and you may refuse or disable the use of any cookie at any given moment and erase all current cookie files on your computer. Zero, you can clear the cookie by choosing "Tools " Internet Options", click "Clear" in the Browsing History section, and then select "Clear Cookies".

See below for accepting, blocking, or notifying you about the use of cookies: "Extras " Internet Option " Privacy " Advanced". However, please note that if you choose to disable the use of cookies, you may not be able to use certain functions of this website. To learn how to decline or erase a cookie in your wireless devices web browsers, see the device's user guide.

After you sign in to the Market IQ Store Services, certain types of cookie may be stored on your computer that allow the site to work. This cookie is used, for example, to bookmark and store preferences. For information on how to manage these cookie types, see Section 3. Please click here for more information about our privacy policy.

It contains the compliance investigation information Kronen Copyright and Datenbankrecht 2018. Includes Royal Mail proprietary rights Royal Mail 2018. Includes national statistical information Crown Copyright and Law on Databases 2018. There is a problem with the information sources and we encourage you to follow these directions when using this recording for legal proceedings.

Enterprises with a registry number beginning with "IP" must submit documentation to the FCA, not Enterprises House. EZV does not regularly exchange this information with Companies House and does not make a periodic flow of information available to Experian. Therefore we cannot make available documentation pictures or update (e.g. registrated changes of address).

In order to verify this dataset, the FCA has provided information (mostly free of charge) through The Mutuals Register Document, whose pictures are calculated for 12. On its own account, Experian would like to excuse this problem and reassure you that we are working with both ECA and Companies House to incorporate sound and up-to-date IP company information in the near term.

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