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( Note: Equifax and Clearscore are not the same company). Requirement of Director Report You can use an E-Consumview search to find out whether the sought party or one of their employees is the managing partner of a company. Its name and contact information are shown in the Directors section of the final version of the tool. It is also possible to purchase a Directors & Secretary Reports containing information about the subject, personal information, as well as recent, past, terminated executive positions, secretariats and partnership, and any condemnations and qualifications.

Printing the reports and saving them on your local hard drive. Directors & Secretary reports are priced at £6.75. You can order a narrative containing information about the company(s) affiliated with the principal from the Directors & Secretary Reports. Incorporated companies have 4 kinds of reports: Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Basic Report is £4.95 and includes: Bronze reports cost £24.90 and contain information equal to or more in detail than the base report: Silver reports cost £34.90 and include information equal to or more in depth than the Bronze report and: Gold reports cost 39.90 and contain information equal to or more in detail than silver reports:

In order to use e-consumerview, you must open an Experian web site user account. Experian will provide you with all the information you need. You will be asked at stage 2 of your bank opening enquiry you would like to search for directors and limited liability companies?

Search help

At the beginning of a search, the system always positions the cursor within the Posted / Bus. number area. In order to expedite the search, when you enter a company register number or Experian's uniquely non-incorporated number (with the user interface in front), the rest of the information entered will be grayed out so that you will not be able to complete these boxes for the particular search, as enough information has been provided for the company search.

If you enter information other than the registered / business number, this box is grayed out. If you enter incorrect detail or want to remove search criterias, the Reset pushbutton in the area on the far right deletes all entry boxes and repositions the mouse pointer on the Registered / Business Number entry box.

Enter the company number or the Experian-specific unregistered number in the registration / transaction number area. Experian's non-incorporated number is the Experian's unambiguous referral number for all non-restricted companies. In some instances, the Commercial Register number of the LLC and the unregistered number may be the same number, so Experian prefixes the unregistered number with the User Interface (formerly UC) to distinguish it from a company number.

The search for a registrated / transaction number clearly identified a company and thus has priority over all other searches. Fully registration / trade number should be either 8 or 10 digit long, depending on whether it is a registration number or a non-registration number, which is an alphanumeric number preceded by the user interface.

A company name can be either a company name or a trade name. You can search for either the name of the company you are currently working for or the name of the company you have worked for. Entering a company name alone is enough to address a company, but we suggest using extra search metrics, such as a zip code, to improve both your ability to focus the company and prioritize the company's role in the shortlist.

Your company phone number can be either a full phone number (a full UK phone number with 11 numbers, plus the area code) or a part phone number (more than 8 digits). We recommend that you use other search algorithms in conjunction with the phone number. Please note that the numbers listed are the most important commercial numbers and not those for dialing directly or using mobiles.

The search for forward and backward numbers is encouraged to maximize the search mechanism's versatility. If, for example, the number 59410888 was typed in and the full phone number was 01159410888, then all phone numbers beginning with 0 and all combination of 0XX59410888 will be scanned to find suitable companies.

You can use the company postal code to search for a company, either alone or in conjunction with other search options. When the postal code is used solely to search for a company, the full postal code should be used. When the postal code is used in conjunction with other search criterias, a postal subcode can be input to improve target group and store pick lists placement.

You can use the location in conjunction with other search metrics to improve your targeted and ranked lists. If you select the selection pushbutton Restricted only, only restricted liability entities are scanned. It can be chosen when there is security about the company's position and the reaction of the targeted mechanisms may be accelerated.

If you select the Only unlimited transactions checkbox, only unlimited transactions are scanned. It can be chosen when there is security about the company's position and the reaction of the targeted mechanisms may be accelerated. We recommend that you activate the selection pushbutton "Both" when carrying out a company search.

Both' is the standard position as it may happen that a company has recently modified its corporate name. The search engine identifies all enterprises that meet the search criterias by choosing "Both", regardless of their respective state. If you select the "Exclude liquidated companies" checkbox, all liquidated joint-stock corporations will be removed from the search.

If you select the check boxes "Exact name match", only matching information for this company will be displayed.

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