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The Commercial Autoscore is a credit application processing system designed specifically for the business-to-business environment. That financial guy I sometimes hear on the radio is proud not to have any credit at all. E-Series Business - Credit Assessment The Commercial Autoscore is a credit request system developed specifically for the business-to-business world. This system will automate the whole credit approval procedure and enable the integration of previously unrelated workflows. The Commercial Autoscore provides a complete evaluation of each and every autoscore use and an immediate choice.

Easy acceptance/rejection and credit limit resolutions are handled routinely and more sophisticated recommendations are marked for further work.

Commercially Autoscore may point out uses of suspect corporations, unqualified managers or bankrupt firms trying to act illegal. The Commercial Autoscore uses the Commercial Delphi Venture Rate Rating, which forecasts the probability of a loss of earnings in the next 12 years. The Commercial Autoscore commercial autoscore app management capabilities allow an employee to examine an underwriting request and change the ultimate determination on the basis of the request detail and associated information.

So why should I select Commercial Autoscore? In its simplest version, Commercial Autoscore is available as a generically web-based services or as a fully customized, fully embedded application suite. For more information on how Commercial Autoscore can meet your needs, please call your Experian Account Manager or call us at 0115 901 6001.

Global trade credit report launched by Experian in the Asia-Pacific region

Hongkong, April 27, 2011 - Experian®, the worldwide information service provider, today announces the release of International 360° IBR (IBR 360°) BI reporting, enabling companies to gain the highest level of commercial credit information on vendors and clients from around the globe. The IBR 360 will allow companies to minimize risks and gain insight into high-performance information for efficient decision-making.

In particular, banks and finance providers, governments as well as foreign buyers and sellers need to minimize risks, adhere to national laws and make well-informed choices to defend themselves in international trade. "As companies in the Asia Pacific region seek to grow into new opportunities in emerging economies, it's important to work with trusted clients and suppliers," says Peng.

"IBR's "Best of Breed" IBR 360 degree working with the premier credit service providers in each Asia Pacific region to gain easy and fast entry to high-quality information. Experian's own comprehensive credit office portfolio complements this. Experian Experian is the world' s premier information service organization, delivering information and analytics to customers in more than 90 nationalities.

Symantec can help companies mitigate credit risks, reduce credit risks, reduce risks of financial loss and loss, reduce credit loss, reduce credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing efforts and automate decision making. Efferian also assists individual travellers to verify their credit reports and credit value and help guard against ID thieves. Employing approximately 15,000 staff in 40 different markets, Experian is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with operations based in Nottingham, UK, Costa Mesa, California and São Paulo, Brazil.

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