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Why can a company with false information have so much influence on a person's life? The Experian ClearScore transaction may affect competition: British regulatory authority

CMA is worried that the combined company could be less innovative and potentially cause individuals to pay more for credit card and credit, the regulatory authority said. Unless the CMA's concern is addressed, Experian's March transaction of 275 million ($357.5 million) to purchase ClearScore for an in-depth second round of investigations will be passed on to Experian.

ClearScore was not immediately available for comments. Experian, a FTSE 100 company, plans to strengthen its UK footprint with the acquisition of ClearsScore, which has over 6 million members in the UK and offers free credit reporting, scoring and consumer finance services.

Experian Dublin, Ireland, dropped 0.8 per cent on the London Stock Exchange.

The Experian case study: Unification and growth of a global company

Over just over two years, we have developed a strong relationship with Experian, the UK's premier credit institution with 17,000 employees around the world. As an expanded part of your teams, we provide compelling, insightful videos in three major areas of business: in-house communication, market intelligence and sales support, and corporate strategy. Skeleton was chosen as one of Nottingham's "Creative Class" of ten emerging creativity companies in February 2013.

The invitation was extended to us to participate in an evening hosted by Sir John Peace, who in 1980 was involved in setting up the credit auditing company that was to become Experian and later became the company's president. We have since worked on over 50 different assignments, many of them with a series of video clips.

They give high priority top in-house communication and we have established an outstanding relationship with the company - so much so that Skeleton was the only provider selected to attend one of the last events to review its plan for the new year. A remarkable videotape we made for the in-house communication crew was designed to change the Experian cultural landscape and reduce storage capacity to function as a whole.

Recently we launched a teaser advertising drive to introduce the new enterprise-wide Chatter messaging application. Our company also produces video clips with finance information and roadshow reporting for every year - both of which mean presenting information clearly and comprehensibly. In cooperation with our Sales Department, we are asked to create video presentations that support the sale of Experian's products to their customers.

Experian produces Experian commercials for our own purposes, which we can use to promote new businesses. There was a videotape introducing the developer, planner, manager and data base architect who would be working on an Lloyds Bank client bank client and helping Experian gain theitch. has become an expanded part of our teams.

Experian's employees know what it's all about, and we keep them informed of new trends so they can be constantly asked to provide movies that are meaningful and appealing to our employees. "Their broad networks of cameras mean they've been wherever we need them," says Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications at Experian.

"Skeleton would be recommended to any communication ist or marketing company that wants to make efficient, appealing movies at the right prices. "In the beginning, our relation with Experian was only that of the suppliers and the customers: they gave us a brief overview, we got along with the creatives. Since we have deserved their confidence and esteem and have learned to appreciate how the organization works, we are rather handled as an expanded part of the group.

We are also able to provide guidance, challenging new slips and proposing suggestions and approach consistent with the company's three key priorities: fast pace innovations, superior client support and One Experian. Today, we are known throughout the company and trust to convey important internal and external message.

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