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Expert offers credit cards e-mail services

The credit marketer Experian is introducing a new tool to pre-validate web users for credit application, enabling them to reduce cost by going on-line. already performs credit pre-audit for a number of important credit cards, bankers, retailers and other lenders.

Experian says its new e-mail prescreen listing services are intended to help these companies increase their new creditcard spending ROI by cutting print and shipping expenses as well as delivery times - and above all, without additional risks. At the heart of the roadmap is the Experian data base of more than 230 million credit cardholder subscribers, against which customers' e-mail listings are benchmarked.

Once the consumer on the label has been identified and their risks assessed, Experian will also spread the message and monitor the results. Bounceback said the firm would be distributing an off-line email. "Experian has created Email Prescreen in reaction to the continued drop in return for credit offerings sent by mail," said Laura DelSoto, Experian Information Solutions VP of Global Branding.

Whilst some users are already receiving lots of unrequested credit cards on-line - which many ignore just as spamming - Experian says test drives with its new products have been hugely successful. Experian believes that the organization will be able to convert its current off-line customer relations to the new services, which is not good news to e-mail marketing and information stores currently engaged in the distribution of such offerings, but could also lead to better customer work.

"Where smaller one-point vendors have put tech over services, Experian's clients can be confident that the dependable, trustable vendor they have worked with in the off-line market will bring the same strength to the e-mail arena..." said Mr DeSoto. Experian is launching the products because it is looking for ways to use its extensive data base for interactivity within it.

Experian last year purchased the Exactis e-mail distribution from 24/7 Mediaprocess, now 24/7 Royalty. Experian is not the only large credit information and information provider working to establish an e-commerce experience. Last Wednesday, Equifax spent $135 million on Naviant, an on-line marketing company and databases company. Equifax will take over a permit databank of more than 100 million people.

Ecuifax will also acquire a controlling interest in Naviant's 24/7 Mail Listen Managment Practise, which was also previously held by 24/7 Royalty.

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