Experian Credit Score Report

The Experian Credit Score Report

When you have a Barclaycard and an online account, you offer a free Experian credit report. He joined Experian's CreditExpert service so that he could check his credit file. Intuit is adding Experian credit report to QuickBooks. Intuit UK has partnered with Experian to offer its credit report services so that small and medium-sized businesses using their QuickBooks softwares can monitor the cash flow situation of clients, vendors and prospective buyers at the click of a button. Designed in partnership with the world' largest and most respected InfoBridge application provider, the new tool provides immediate and complete information on Experian's most complete and highest-quality credit ratings.

Comes with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Accountant or QuickBooks Premier softwares, the built-in softwares, provides hyperlinks to Experian's credit information base of UK businesses with and without restrictions to deliver a credit score and credit line - in a straightforward and smooth operation. As a result, secure trade thresholds can be established for each client or vendor, minimizing the risks of risks and receivables defaults.

Small-sized companies have serious issues with clients not paying their invoices or with vendors, which can lead to them giving up their own operations. British small and medium-sized enterprises are writing off an annual £14,000 on average in default claims, according to a survey last year by the Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC) at Leeds University Busines School (source: CMRC).

"We have been told by our client base that in today's competitive environment, credit assessment of new and even current client assets is essential to protecting their company. You want an easy-to-use application that gives you more security and can work with QuickBooks. Designed in partnership with Experian and InfoBridge, our new services enable small companies to instantly tap into the exact information they need to make more productive choices."

Mr. Chris Reed, Director of Alliance and Partnership within the Experian Information Solutions Divison, said: "Credit reporting can significantly mitigate the risks of default, loss of receivables and delayed payments. Working with Intuit UK, we are able to harness the advantages of credit reporting for the broader QuickBook community by allowing them to take full benefit of the advance warning of problems and help them to lower their exposures."

InfoBridge CEO Michael Cumby said: "We' re delighted that our leading-edge technologies enable small companies to gain the same future competitiveness in future oriented decision making that large companies have been using for many years. The integration of high-quality credit information with one of the most widely used small company bundles makes absolute business sense for us".

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