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Geographically, the median interest on mortgages dropped to its rock -bottom mark ever in September, the Bank of England said earlier this week, at just 3.3pc. Interest levels on the median new mortgages were even lower at 3.08%. However, there is also another factor: the creditworthiness of the borrower. Anderson, 29, hopes to use the government's Help to Buy program next year for his first home in Kent.

In Great Britain there are three large loan agencies: Equifax, Experian and Callcredit. There is a slight difference between the rating of candidates and the rating of candidates by the agency, but all three subdivide candidates into different "creditworthiness" criteria. Next level is "bad", followed by "fair" - which Mr Anderson dropped into. said Mr Anderson: "It was my intention to settle the tickets as quickly as possible and then shut them down.

And now I realize creditors want to see you have acces to credits, but decide not to use them - it makes sense. What is more, I'd like to see you have your own account of the credits. So far I've been more or less at the top of the line. As a rule, the service is provided free of charge for one whole months, after which the client is charged the charge.

Do you want to maximize the odds of a loan request being accepted? Don't ask for more loans for a certain amount of money. Just like your bank card, you don't bump into or surpass your stipulated limit - it looks like you're desperately looking for more loans instead of administering them.

That'?s your life. World newscast.

It is operated by Experian, the world's largest loan assessment organization, which was voted the UK's most aggressive corporate citizen at the 1999 Privacy International Group Big Brother Awards. She keeps an in-depth record of 40 million people in the UK and last year conducted 80 million inspections of our premises on account of 300 other businesses as well as policemen and welfare officers.

Previously it was only the client data base of Great Universal Stores' home shopping catalogs. With its Experian daughter, GUS is now earning much more cash - 229 million pounds profit last year - than ever before with its catalogs. The Experian knows who you are, where you reside and where you used to be.

He knows who you're banking with, who you have your credits with, and whether you've maintained your payment. Doesn't stop with the loan histories. An employer can turn to Experian to review your CV and confirm which schools and universities you attended when and what your marks were.

And Experian shows up again. DVLA has resold its data base to Experian, which today has recordings of an amazing 75 million cars. When you open the door tomorrows, your spam is likely to be from Experian's Consumer Relationship Managements programs, which profize every zip code in the UK using micro-marketing technologies that track what you're going to buy before you've even thought about it.

Not the only organization of its kind in the UK, Experian is slightly the dominating one; it sells its only major competitor, Equifax, two to one. Daily, tens of millions of retailers, utility providers, bankers and corporate cardholders are sending Experian information to expand their fast-growing file stores. Experian is, however, not liable for checking the accuracy of the information.

Businesses charge the system with loan information, but it is up to the individual to find out and remove it if it is not. Detractors say Experian's phenomenonal growth in the life of almost every British national has been accomplished without the general community even realising it. Whilst the general population has become aware of invasions of their right to personal information by the federal administration, the business community has developed vast information imperiums, almost secretly and under a slight regulation milieu.

A number of activists now worry that Experian's file system will give a clue to the government's ID cards system. Experian received the "Big Brother" Privacy International awards for the company's intensive advocacy efforts to get voter listings. A year ago, agents like Experian were forbidden from removing voter list items after a Supreme Court Justice decided that a Wakefield rate payer would have infringed his personal privacy if the registry had been given to organizations for business purposes.

According to 29 of the Data Protection Act, the law gives the law the right to inspect Experian's data base. However, there is no requirement to publish how many data sets are retrieved by the law each year or to publicly monitor the use of the data sets by the law enforcement authorities. Expert speaker Peter Brooker said: "Recent power gained last year under the Social Security Framework Act allows civil servants the right to inspect Experian's record if they believe there has been cheating.

"Experian said that we would contest inquiries if they were not duly made, but again she declined to say how many inquiries she was getting. Experian can provide the general public with a copy of their loan dossier at a price of £2. One indicator of the extent of concerns among the general population is that a million individuals have written off a copy of their files in the past year.

"A very small proportion of the queries only make a change necessary," says Jill Stevens of Experian. "All information that is contested is marked in the data set and then unchecked. "Experian has stayed remarkable flak-free for two things. Experian can say that if a wrongful data set is found, this is due to false information provided by a creditor, not to a dirty data set.

Similarly, Experian never even issue loan refusals - all it does is provide hosts information that creditors use to create their own loan score. One of the largest attacks on inquiry bureaus - refusal of loans because of the pecuniary sin of unrelated persons at the same location - was eliminated in 1993.

However, loan records still contain links to persons with the same last name at the same adress. Experian's most efficient defense is approval. The DPA provides that undertakings cannot obtain information on credits without the agreement of the persons involved. Experian's entire service requires the prior approval of the individual in question before the information is passed on to a creditor, employers or landlords.

It is noteworthy that 16 million volunteers have come back to Experian, the survey on lifestyles and consumables that fall through mailboxes often with the appeal of a vacation contest. You must have given your approval with us," says Experians Mr. Brooker. - Your loan record will list all your mortgage, loan, credit card and loan contracts and whether you are up to date on payment or default.

You can also see which potential creditors have viewed your record. - If your name is associated with former associates or old roommates, the information bureau will cut off all ties between you and your relatives if you tell them you have no personal ties. - You can have a copy of your loan dossier for a £2 charge. You must provide your address for the last six years.

Contact Experian, Consumer Help Service, PO Box 8000, Nottingham NG1 NG5GX, 0870 241 6212. It is free of trade prejudices and is not affected by billions of dollars in ownership, politics or stock.

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