Experian small Business Credit Report

The Experian Small Business Credit Report

Expert Business Assistant Individual business credit records give you fast and easy entry to on-line business records and information for business managers from just 24.99 + GBP per report. And if a vendor lets you down, you let your clients down. Doing so can harm your company's image and slow down important payment transactions. The preparation of an annual report to review vendors contributes to ensuring their resilience and capacity to deliver good value for money in the mid and long terms.

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Salesforce.com customers can use Experian to obtain business credit data from Experian.

August 24, 2010 - Experian®, the leading provider of information security solutions, has partnered with Forseva, LLC to provide business information to Salesforce.com. Experian's Forseva is one of the first vendors to provide business credit information on Salesforce.com's cloud-based computing foundation. Experian's new solution enables customers to integrate Experian's business credit information into Salesforce.com where they can make credit decisions, monitor portfolios, and manage receivables from a single point of view.

At the touch of a key, the user can retrieve a potential customer's business credit report and immediately decide how much credit to grant using pre-configured default policy values related to customer pay patterns and business credit value. Forseva' s Salesforce.com solution is available free of cost to Experian clients for business information, and offers clients the ability to deploy it within a few business hours using clustered solutions.

For more information about using Experian business information on Salesforce.com or other Experian progressive business-to-business offerings and service, please see www.experian.com/b2b . Headquartered in Chicago, Forseva, LLC, is the premier credit and collection solution powered by the Force.com Enterprise cloud Computing technology suite. Reconciling distribution, credit and collection through the quote-to-cash processes enables clients to integrate new account balances more quickly, managing and monitoring credit risks with legacy clients and collecting money more quickly with collection capabilities driven by client priority.

Experian Business Information Services work with enterprises to build and sustain client relations so they can minimize risks and increase profits. Its enterprise databank provides rich, third-party-verified information on U.S. enterprises of all ages, with the industry's most complete information on the broadest range of small and medium enterprises.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and advanced information capture technologies, Experian is able to deliver market-leading solutions that help customers process new application, manage client relations and collect overdue balances. It is the world' s premier information service provider, delivering information and analytics to customers in more than 90 markets.

Symantec can help companies reduce credit risks, reduce risks of credit loss, reduce risks of credit loss, reduce risks of credit loss, prevent fraud, and automate decisions. Efferian also assists individual clients to verify their credit reports and creditworthiness and help guard against ID thieves. Employing approximately 15,000 staff in 40 different markets, Experian is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with operations based in Nottingham, UK, Costa Mesa, California and São Paulo, Brazil.

The Experian and the Experian brands used herein are either services brands or registrations of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

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