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They can apply for a correction notice via the three rating agencies (Experian, Equifax and Callcredit). Question and answer with Caroline Thomas from Experian CreditExpert about ratings. Questions and answers with Caroline Thomas of Experian CreditExpert

Experian CreditExpert's Thomas came to us in October 2012 to discuss debt scores. She used her knowledge to help us address your issues about what affects your solvency and how you can enhance it, identify scams, how to administer your credentials, and a host of other related issues.

This could have an impact on my creditworthiness. Is the fact that we have a mortgages going to combine our creditworthiness and make mine look horrible? Can I do anything to help my solvency? I will never have a good solvency again thanks to his debts associated with mine.

So, what's the point if I've never been late with a payment or had a bank account or taken out a mortgage but can be kept financial by an ex-husband as a ransom? How do you know? I am about to divorce my husbands and wonder if his creditworthiness will have an effect on mine in the near term?

Please note that if you look for his credentials at this location, it will not compromise my credentials. When there is no more pecuniary connection between you and your ex-partner or spouse, or the only connection left is the mortgages, and he/she has not lived with you at the home for six month or more, then Experian should be able to interrupt the connection between you on your loan statements wholly.

This is what we call a dissassociation and you can order it from Experian here you can. As soon as you have done this, your creditworthiness will no longer be affected by your Ex name record, as creditors will just not see it when you ask for it. One copy of your loan report will tell you if there are any current left-wing references - I'm sure you'll have to do this with all three of them.

I have a very good financial standing, but I still can't get a loan. I' ve looked through my credentials, which is perfectly clear. Does my man have a poor loan, does it concern me, even if it is only one jobseeker? When you and your spouse are connected â " and a copy of your credentials will certify this in both cases â " then any requests you or he make as an individual may be affected by the other person's credentials.

The reason for this is that your finance is seen as interrelated and any pecuniary issues you or your spouse encounter are likely to concern the other. Also, if conditions should deteriorate, such as when you close a common loan, you can ask us to refresh your loan report by deleting the associated financials.

Also, if conditions should deteriorate, such as when you close a common loan, you can ask us to refresh your loan report by deleting the associated financials. I have a solvency problem because I already terminated my PO2 in April. My data was then forwarded to a collecting agent without my knowing, and a tag was put on my loan record by 02 - I only owe about £15, which I immediately repaid when I recognised the mistake.

Is there anything I can do to increase my solvency? When you have made a sensible effort to settle the amount due but have been hindered from doing so by a bank wire, it certainly does not seem right that your solvency should be affected now. My suggestion is that you order a copy of your loan report and then call our Customer Support Centre to explain the situation and ask us to contest the listing with the telephone operator on your name.

We will do so if you accept to modify the booking on your loan report and provide you with a copy of the modified booking. When they hold on to their weapons and decline to modify them, we will tell you your available choices, such as including your own page of history in your report in the format of a proof note or, if necessary, the escalation of the case to the appropriate public defender of rights or regulatory authority.

So why can't I get my credentials, even an updated copy, for a one-time search for a one-time commission? What is a bureau of enquiry about, why does it demand that you register forever, even though almost nobody wants to do that? Legislation gives you the right to obtain a single copy of your loan report for a £2 licence charge. You will find a relevant links on our home page.

This report can be downloaded from our website or we can mail you a hard copy. CreditExpert, our loan information monitor is actually very much in demand as it can help individuals administer, secure and enhance their scores, but we help individuals who have a variety of ways to verify their information.

F. artifarti: I tried to get a new cell at Carphone Warehouse last weekend, on subscription, but my mortgage was denied and they proposed that I look at Experian; I did that and found that my point was 999, excellent as I thought. In the last six years I haven't had a single bank account or been using a bank account - is it real that this is discouraging some businesses?

Also the fact that Carphone Warehouse rejected me (for no obvious reason) will now make my loan reports inferior? I' m sorry to know about your recent denial of loan. What you're saying is your Experian Loan Report is in great form. It is unlikely that you would reach a 999 without a good record of timely repayment of loans.

Every creditor also has a slightly different view of what a credible client is. When they have used Scanning, then they are obliged to do so, and you also have the right to ask them to check your request from a single individual. What makes an offer lower your credibility?

Given the fact that there are more and more service providers that carry out loan seeking, such as utilities, telephone operators, mortgages, etc., the number of service providers is increasing. An individual loan request is very unlikely to influence your loan value. Whilst it leaves a seek imprint on your loan histories, these recordings are not themselves negatives. However, if you were to apply for many other loan contracts, the feetprints would begin to pile up and this could give rise to worry.

A large number of loan requests over a brief time span can indicate either difficulties of a monetary nature or sometimes even cheating. Though, most creditors use loan-scoring to weigh all available information to find out the overall image it draws. In order for a new flood of searching feetprints to have a big influence on your scores, there would usually have to be other indications, e.g. for economic distress â" such as highly charged credits-card.

Note also that the rating system is regularly upgraded to take account of changes in consumers' attitudes. With more and more companies exchanging client data with information bureaus and carrying out solvency assessments, the number of loan requests that are considered completely natural is increasing. However, once you ask for approval, you should be expecting to insight an actualized accomplishment of that on your approval document.

Working in a human resources department, we periodically review candidate with Experian. and I got the message that it would be a dark spot on me if I did. A job test is not a loan test, so the imprint on your loan report is not seen by other creditors and therefore does not compromise your solvency.

However, be cautious - by conducting a self hunt you can violate your company's policies and your Experian covenant. You should order a copy of your credentials through reputable sources if you wish. In any case, you will find this much more useful because only the information we provide to the general public is fully exhaustive and actually identifies the name of the lender it contains.

Couldn't get: a major loan, a cell number. When we were told: "You need a loan to get a loan", but that is not possible if nobody gives you a loan. We' re expatriates from America with a great reputation in the USA. The Experian is one of the largest economic information providers in the USA and Great Britain.

How come our US loan information can't be perfectly validated in the UK? F. exexpat: In my later 1930s, after more than a decade abroad, I went back to the UK with banking deposits (international banks) which had a good reputation in the UK and abroad and considerable wealth, but could not get a major cheque for three years and was rejected for a £10/month telephone rate because the computer said 'no'.

Isn' there a way to exchange information on loans between IFIs in the twenty-first and twenty-first centuries? While the above issues undoubtedly emphasize the importance of establishing and sustaining a favorable loan histories â" as well as how this can be a challenging task for those who start from the ground up, as statistics show that those with little or no loan histories are more likely to miss loan repayments.

The majority of creditors use loanscoring to evaluate new requests, and this is done on the basis of statistic analyses of past clients. Consequently, if the available information about you is similar to previous clients who missed a payment, it is likely that the lender's rating system will give you a low loan value.

Right now, you usually need a high number of points to get a loan, especially at competitively priced prices. Fast profits to help you establish a loan record and thus your solvency include: a major debit that is targeted at low risk individuals. When you use Experian's CreditExpert services, we evaluate your latest loan report so you can see how you are doing and give you advice and improvement suggestions.

When you do not have a bank transfer form (which you need to order a loan report online), you can request your report by mail, check or money order. F. onadifferentplanet: I would very much like to terminate my loan report but it is not possible to get through on the telephone and I cannot see my report anyway because when I try to login it says that my bank is blocked and I have to call.

However, you can take my cash every single months even though I have a new expiration date map! I am sorry to have heard that you had a dilemma regarding access to your CreditExpert report and contacting our liaison center. You should also be able to help you activate your CreditExpert user accounts so that you can review your current Experian report.

Often bankers and cardholders still honor a continuing paying agency (the arrangement by which we earn our subscription monthly) when customers' credentials and debits periodically run out and are re-issued. Q. Orange Fan: I'm interested to know if you can ever fix a poor solvency.

Am I ever again regarded as a good borrower's default risk? I' m sure you will again be seen as a good borrower's counterparty. Loan records date back only six years, so negative information will finally go away. As soon as your loan schedule ends, review your loan report to make sure everything has been properly upgraded.

CreditExpert services will also help you find ways to develop some of the information creditors today want, perhaps by getting a major online payment order for those with less than ideal credentials. F. maybenow : I always had a "perfect" loan database. I' ve got a full monthly payment on my debit and a cell but that'?s it.

Will that affect my credibility? I and my husband are lucky to manage our finances the way we do, but we could open a common bank and move all our bills and debit notes there if needed - would that help my solvency? Having a good sound loan record is a genuine capital, and you should certainly do what you can to make sure that you have one that supports you.

Does sound like your loan history should be in fairly good form. You may be surprised when you order a copy of your report, as so many companies now exchange information about them. Therefore, I suggest that you create an up-to-date report to see where you are. Having a well-managed checking bank deposit (which is the part of a checking bank deposit you see on loan reports) can help, as can incorporating some of your company arrangements into common name.

However, keep in mind that the assumption of common loan, provided you do not have any already, will link up your loan records for your prospective solvency check, although this is not a problem for most pairs. "Having a good, sound loan record is a genuine capital, and you should certainly do what you can to make sure that you have one that supports you.

Does sound like your loan history should be in fairly good form. You may be surprised when you order a copy of your report, as so many companies now exchange information about them. Therefore, I suggest that you create an up-to-date report to see where you are. In 2008, I found out after I applied for a major payment order.

I' ve never had any kind of loan before. Everything was in order and a memo was put in my loan record. But I still could not successfully advertise for any kind of loan, cell phones, maps or the like. Loan information goes back only six years.

If there is a problem that requires your full awareness, we will watch the information in your credentials to make sure it is not being used in a fraudulent manner and warn you. You can also check the content of your credential to see what is currently logged and how you can possibly enhance it.

As soon as you are satisfied with your loan record, you should consider requesting a checking account with another institution if your existing service cannot deliver the service you want.

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