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Queensmed YC - Round the Island Race 2009 - RIR 2009 - Part 3

Tomorrow began with a knocking on the fuselage when the remainder of the team announced their attendance. There was a lot of wind, but we were all in the best of moods when we left for our breakfasts. Now, that the crews were really full, we pushed the ropes and Steve (the substitute member in red) at the rudder, we quickly made our way to the open ocean. specially training, so I went to the Needles, where we played with the breakers sometime.

Meanwhile the crews were totally tired and so we went to our moorings for a fresh bath and dinner. Because of the early launch, the night was brief, but the team still had a lot of fun. The last of the western tides was captured when we got past the needles it had altered - perfectly, unfortunately that wasn't all that had altered at that time.

It seemed like a series of reactions started with Jimbo dropping first as you can see if you look right and with some big squalls and big oceans that hit us. Residual crews handled the brief case very well and reached about 11 knot from Bembridge Ledge. We set off and took our mooring with absolute accuracy, water boiler and some medication for the crews who hadn't fully recuperated.

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