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Almost Cash is a brand new primetime game show. BBC artist page for Fast!Fast!Fast!Cash!... Search for the best clips, watch shows, get the latest news and read the latest Fast Fast Fast Cash Interviews.


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Quick cash

Almost Cash is a all-new prime time gameshow. Rather than multiple-choice or trivial quizzes, participants receive three sets of descriptive references to pictures or videoclips that they use with their fantasy and creative powers to find the answer. Participants must think quickly and in new ways. In addition, there are 50 ATMs in the studios, each connected to one of the 50 quickest gamers in the studios crowd.

When a spectator replies to the participant's questions, his ATM is turned off and no cash is paid. When all 50 participants reply to the questions in front of them, all ATMs turn off and the participant is removed. When the ATMs are switched off one after the other, the pressures build up for the participant to respond to each and every query as quickly as possible.

In four laps the issues become more difficult the higher the cash is. Every round has three quizzes, and the participants after each round choose whether they want to resume the match or leave with the previously deposited moneys. His a ambitious decision making, because if theyre dilatory than the gathering on fitting one questioning, they could go residence with relative quantity.

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