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The Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program: Loan available for US pupils We have three kinds of loan for US college and college graduates at the University of Birmingham: Federal Stafford Loans, Federal PLUS Mortgages and Personal Mortgages (via Sallie Mae). It is recommended that the student take a federal loan to which they are eligible before considering another kind of loan as they are aggressive due to the aggressive interest rates and redemption advantages they are offering.

Details of a comparative analysis of federal and personal loans are available on the website of the Federal Student Grants Office. Federal Direct Stafford Loan has a low interest rates (set by the US government) and is available to both student and doctoral student. There are two parts to the loan: subsidised and non-subsidised.

The PLUS loan is a federal loan that graduates or vocational learners and parent of dependant student can use to support the payment of colleges or vocational schools. The PLUS loan may contribute to the financing of educational expenditure not financed by other grants. Sallie Mae' Smart Option Loan is the only personal loan currently available to overseas student creditors.

Please refer to our special personal loan page for more information. In order to qualify for any of the above mentioned loan, you must go through the procedure of the institution. Applicable federal law forbids U.S. nationals registered at a non-U.S. study institution to obtain Pell Grants, SEOG, Perkins loan and Federal Work Study Funds.

Student Loans of the United States 2018-19

The Federal Direct Credits are provided by the US Administration and are available to US nationals and non US nationals. The King's College London's Student Funding Office manages and handles all student loan processing on student name. You must obey the following directions to obtain your loan. Will I be entitled to receive federal study assistance?

The majority of US college kids are entitled to the Federal Loan Program at King's. Must be a U.S. national or a licensed non-national (e.g., permanent resident card holder). You will find details on the suitability of federal loans for funding on our Funding Capability page below. In order to obtain the federal loan, at least half of you must be registered in a suitable course.

However, if a part of your course is offered on-line (e.g. correspondence courses) or if you are going to spend part of your course in the USA (e.g. spending a semester/full year abroad in the USA or writing a thesis, e.g. a doctoral thesis in the USA), you will not be able to take out a federal loan although you can request a student loan.

In these cases it is possible to apply for personal loan. Nor can we grant a federal grant for studies below the normal course of studies; postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma studies are not subsidised. In the case of one-year foreign studies abroad, the participating institutions must participate in the Federal Scholarship Program.

Students studying abroad at a non-participating institute or in the USA are not deemed to be enrolled in the course. Students who plan to take a course of studies with a one-year stay abroad should contact the Studienfinanzierungsstelle. WEG contains all study-related charges (tuition plus housing and studying costs).

Our US Loan Controlling (COA) Spreadsheet will be worked out in your "US Loan Controlling (COA) Spreadsheet", which you will find below. There is no need to lend the full amount, but the British Immigration and Visas Service requires you to show that you have a certain amount of money when applying for a visas. Before we can handle your credit, we need all the necessary documentation.

As soon as you have finished the FAFSA, a Student Aid Report (SAR) is created. You will find troubleshooting guidance in the "What to do now" section of your SAR, and you must make sure that all problems are solved, and you must provide any extra supporting document referred to in this section (e.g. your nationality document ) at the time of request.

A federal request is that every U.S. graduate who obtains a federal loan first completes the initial consultation on the U.S. Department of Education's study loan website. In the US Loan Controlling (COA) spreadsheet, you can choose your own Controlling (COA) and the loan amount you want to lend.

First of all, the student requests a federal personal loan and the maximal available amount can be calculated on the "Credit types" register card below. Then, if extra funding is needed after the Stafford max was loaned out, request a PLUS loan or your parents request a PLUS loan if you are a dependant student.

Students who are independents and need to lend more than their Stafford must submit an application for a personal student loan. This also contains information about the loan amount you want to lend. MPN Stafford, and if you take a PLUS loan, too: You are responsible for repaying your loan.

As soon as we have all your loan request documentation, we will endeavour to handle and authorise all credits within 3 week. Every federal loan must be paid out directly to King's in four identical installments for doctoral candidates and three identical installments for student candidates. Make sure you have enough money to pay for your costs until you get the reimbursed part of your loan for your cost of studies and subsistence after deducting the tuition-fee.

The following is a set of details on questions related to federal bonds. The following sections explain everything from rules, disclosure, credit type and eligible funding to helping you apply for your credit. You must fill out the change request US Loan - Loan Application for this.

As soon as the Student Finance Office has dealt with your loan request and submitted your loan for payment, the funding will be made available on the above-mentioned deadlines. By applying for your loan from King's, you give us consent to disclose some of your personally identifiable information to Western Union.

You' ll receive an email from Western Union with a uniquely secured hyperlink that allows you to enter your banking information on-line, preferably before requesting funding. To qualify for federal loans, you must fulfil a number of eligibility requirements. 1 ) You must be a U.S. national or a qualifying non-national.

2) In general, you are a legitimate non-citizen if you are: Another entitled non-citizen with an arrival date (i-94) of the Ministry of Homeland Security that has one of the following categories: 7 ) You are not in arrears with a federal study loan and do not have to pay for a federal scholarship; you will only use the federal students' allowance for education as well.

Further information on eligible funding can be found on the website of Studentenhilfe here: Loan categories are available as follows. You will be granted a loan on the basis of your allowance and applications. Applicable to prospective college members with proven funding needs as defined by federal law. $5,500 - Not more than $3,500 of this amount may be included in grant credits.

$9,500 - Not more than $3,500 of this amount may be included in grant credits. $6,500 - Not more than $4,500 of this amount may be included in grant credits. $10,500 - Not more than $4,500 of this amount may be included in grant credits. $7,500 - Not more than $5,500 of this amount may be included in grant credits. $12,500 - Not more than $5,500 of this amount may be included in grant credits.

$31,000 - Not more than $23,000 of this amount may be included in grant credits. $57,500 for college and college student - Not more than $23,000 of this amount may be included in grant funding. $138,500 for college graduates or vocational school graduates - no more than $65,500 of this amount may be included in grant advances. This upper ceiling for the total number of graduates comprises all federal government grants for basic studies.

You can find more information on the loan type on the website of Studentenhilfe here: It is not possible to obtain your visa more than 3 month before the first semester starts. That means that you cannot start applying until 24 June 2018 at the earliest. ie. As soon as your credit request has been submitted and fully reviewed, we will email you a Visa Writing with the means at your disposal.

If you are already registered at King's College London at least halfway through your studies, you can submit your deferral form for earlier US loan applications to the Students Funding Office for finalisation. U.S. Department of Education demands that all students' loan recipients undergo exits counseling if they fall below half-time registration level, retire, take a 180-day recess, or before completing their studies.

When you take a 180-day recess, you may need to surrender some of your U.S. federal funding. In order to finalize your on-line exam consultation, please go to the website of the US Department of Education Student Loans. Tuition credits are available for US college and college graduates to cover the costs of participation in King's courses.

Most of the borrowings are originated by creditworthiness and therefore interest rate varies. King's student often request the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan, please click here for more information. Since you can be eligible for US federal loan, the condition of US federal loan may be more favorable than the provision of personal educational loan.

However, the amount you lend still cannot be in excess of your original amount of your original purchase price (COA) less your original purchase price (EFA) less any federal loan you may have borrowed. A loan cannot be paid out until you have signed up for a King's course. You must be at least half registered for the course in order to be able to obtain a loan during your studies.

When you plan to leave your course, whether in the event of an interruption or complete withdrawal, you must notify the Student Finance Office as soon as possible. US federal government requests that the schools provide the following information to qualifying US federal loaners. Announcement on penalties for financial assistance to federal student in the event of violations of the Drug Law:

As the Student Funding Office, part of King's College London, we are in charge of handling your application to use Federal Student Aid to finance your study at King's. We are also your partner in the King's College London. What do we do with your personally identifiable information? Your person-related information is processed for various reasons: It is our policy to treat your personally identifiable information in accordance with the terms of our agreements with you to handle your application for a US loan.

In order for us to be able to handle your Federal Student Aid grant to finance your program at King's, you must submit the personally identifiable information required on the US loan claim page. Failure to supply this information will prevent you from using the Swiss Federal Students Union to finance your degree course.

We may share your personally identifiable information with our Western Union affiliates so that they can process US Department of Education loan payment and allocate your loan resources. We also share your personally identifiable information with the U.S. Department of Education in order to grant your credit and fulfill our compliance requirements as a Title IV loan supplier.

College has tried to give early opportunities to college children to begin their research into financing their studies.

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