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Free mortgage advice

We' ve teamed up with award-winning brokers London and Country to offer you free, impartial mortgage advice. Total impartial market for remortgages & mortgages. This fee is charged by the lender to set up the mortgage on your behalf.

London and Country Mortgages

No matter whether you are a first time buyer, buy to let buyer, move to your next home or want to take your real estate back, as part of the guild of real estate professionals we have been able to partner with L&C Mortgage Ltd. to offer free mortgage advice! and there is a large selection of mortgage options.

Free mortgage advice free of charge - Find an advisor

We are in partnership with Financial Planning, whose advisors can help you learn more about the mortgage options available and make an enquiry on your account. You offer impartial mortgage advice and select from a variety of creditors and items tailored to your specific needs. It is not as easy as just locating the cheapest festival or trackers mortgage.

Mortgages advisors work with creditors on a daily base. The best way to get me Monday through Friday between.... Since we take your private sphere seriously, we never pass on your data to third parties for their own use. Occasionally, however, we may wish to provide you with updates, useful information and special promotions on Investment Discounts On Line Ltd. brand names and service offerings.

Our data protection declaration explains how you can unsubscribe from our online services at any given moment.

Free Mortgage and Share Release Advice

It was acquired in 2000 and began to provide supplementary financial services such as pensions, investments, mortgages and saving accounts. 18 years ago, when we began mortgaging, we didn't collect brokerage charges, and that was the rule. The mortgage market has, however, evolved since the bank crises of 2008.

Mortgages became much more difficult to obtain in 2008 and creditors were not so willing to grant loans. These changes altered the way Mortgage brokers worked. Hypothecary agents who lived out began to charge commission. A lot of broker had to quit the sector because there wasn't enough work. Since we had our insurance company, we were able to survive the wind.

Instead of concentrating so much on mortgage lending, we have expanded our insurance business. Demand for mortgage loans began to rise and there were changes in the law, which means that now all mortgage consultants had to be trained. In general, the banking community found that it was simpler to use the mortgage agents out there who were already skilled instead of qualifying their own personnel, and so there was a step away from mortgaging at your institution towards using them.

In 2017, 77% of all mortgage transactions were handled by brokerage houses. Once we have chosen the lender and the product, we file the claim and any related documentation you require. FOR WHAT MORTARIES DO WE ADVICE YOU?

First-time buyers, do-it-yourselfers, remortgage, buy to let, off-set, further advances, product transfers, equity release, lifetime mortgages, home reversion, right to buy, bridging loans, development finance and more.... No brokerage fee is charged for Mortgage & Equity Release Advice and we are very proud and satisfied to help individuals get where they want to be because we know that we have taken care of them and done the best we can.

For over 25 years we have been providing mortgage advice. While we can clarify your mortgage by telephone and e-mail, we prefer to get together "face to face" to make sure we're building the connection. Our aim is not to assort your mortgage and then get rid of it, as there will be periods in the years to come when you need mortgage advice and we want you to think of us first.

In terms of equity release, we will be traveling nationally as we believe that it is an integral part of the whole discussion face to face to make sure that everything is fully comprehended. First we can negotiate by telephone and e-mail to give you an impression of the shops on sale and then we can get together.

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