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Titanium makes its debut with 917 Driver Prototypes for professionals at Quicken Loans Nationals Featuring the main marque presenting its latest 917 riders to their tour entrants, ahead of the Quicken Loans National this weekend. Publishing a declaration that they have always trusted the expertise and feedback of the world's greatest gamers when trying out their design. "Sowing and validating products with the best gamers in the pack is an important part of our introduction lifecycle - a lifecycle throughout all Titanleist clinics to make sure they stay true to the Titanleist hallmark of innovativeness, power and quality," the site said.

In your opinion, how many Titanleist gamers will pocket the 917 this Maryland weekend?

There is still some outstanding Molinari deal as the success of the year is nearing its end.

He was the first ltalian ever to clinch a championship triumph in the Open Championship at Carnoustie, followed by a BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth and his first PGA Tour crown at Quicken Loans National. "It will definitely be a memorable moment," said Molinari. "I hope I can do the gig this weekend and then next weekend just go down and think about the saison and process everything that's gone before to get ready for next year.

Fleetwood is leading Fleetwood in the Race to Dubai before the end of the DP World Tour Championship with a little over a million points, where a top 5 finishing guarantees him the championship even if Fleetwood, the current number one in Europe, wins. "If I didn't go for the prize, I'd rather see him winning than everyone else," Molinari added.

"It was a great year for me, and however it goes this weekend, I will still have many great recollections of everything I did this year, and probably the best recollection is what we did with him in France. "If you had said it to me in April or May, I never thought I would be in this role, but it was an amazing Summer surpassed by an amazing Ryder Cup.

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