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Suggested rules also include changes in the servicing of HECM loans. FHA Loans, La Palma, California. Data Protection Statement (Updated: 5/18/18/18) For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, we describe the types of information that we gather from you and/or that you may share with us when you interoperate with our Web sites, wireless devices, e-mail, and on-line service, sign up for our reward programs, or sign up for one of our special offers (our "Services"). "You" refers to you as a subscriber to our Service.

You are offered the Services, and any information, tool and functionality available through the Services, provided that you agree to all and any of the above conditions, conditions, policies and communications that you agree to by using the Services. We value our customers and value your private sphere. Disclaimer This statement discloses the information we gather about you on-line, why we gather it, how we use it, and when we disclose it to third parties. Click here to read our policy.

The Privacy Policy also explains the ways in which we gather and use certain of this information. This policy governs our use of the above described service and the information we gather when you interoperate with us through our site, via our web sites or via our on-line service.

They do not cover non-TSM websites and wireless apps that provide links to the Services or are associated with the Services; please read the data protection guidelines of those Services and apps directly to learn their data protection practice. For the purposes of this Policy, we may make changes or additions to this Policy by publishing such changes or additions to the Services.

If you continue to use the Services after any changes, modifications or modifications have been posted, you will be deemed to have accepted them. 1 We gather information that you directly make available to us. We may receive various kinds of information from you when you perform certain activity through the Services, such as setting up an account, ordering a specific item or a specific feature, placing, posting an order or access to various contents or functions, receiving notification of pushed messages, answering and transmitting a questionnaire, joining our blog or forum, taking part in a competition, promotions or other promotional activity, registering for a promotional opportunity, filling out a questionnaire, providing input, providing information or information, filling out surveys, providing reviews, requests or submissions of information, and so on.

2. During your interaction with the Services, certain information about your use of the Services will be gatheredutomatically, whether or not you register for an account/account with the Services. Such information may include, but is not limited to, your web browsing preferences, a cell telephone, a tray or other types of devices, a computer or portable OS, the website name of the website that directed you to us, the name of your ISP, web pages you view on the Services, IP addresses, geolocation information and default protocol information.

We also record information about your interaction with our e-mail communications, such as whether the communications have been opened and the clicks in those communications. By deleting your cookie or setting your web browsers to refuse a cookie, some functions of the service may not be available, working or working as intended.

We may also allow our subsidiaries, vendors, information technology vendors and advertisers to use cookie technology or other technology to track our services. This cookie enables us, in cooperation with our associates, to analyse how the services are being accessed, used or executed and enables us to provide you with contents, such as advertisements, tailored to your preference or interest and to gauge the efficacy of those advertisements.

Included among third-party cookie types used to optimize our website is Google Analytics, a web analysis tool provided by Google, Inc. Googles Analytics uses Google cookie or other technology to track how visitors interacted with and used the Site, to report on the activities of the Site, and to offer other types of site related information.

Google's technology may capture information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date of your session, whether you are a returning user, or a referrer. Google Analytics does not use the services to compile information that could identify you personally. Information produced by Google Analytics is transferred to Google and saved by Google and is therefore protected by Google's data protection regulations.

For more information about Google's affiliate service and to find out how to turn off Google's analysis tracing, click here. 6 If you interacted with us or the Service through a socially accessible medium (e.g., by simply selecting a socially accessible symbol that links to our Services), we may record the personally identifiable information you provide to us on this Site, which may include your User ID or ID and other information contained in your Submission.

3. We use and disclose the information we gather for various uses, some of which include - communicate with you, such as fulfilling your inquiries, providing information about supplemental goods, service and promotional activities that may be of interest to you, and providing communications of a Transactional, Operational, Relational or as legally mandated type; - providing, maintaining, personalizing, optimizing and improving our goods and service, such as researching and analyzing your use of the Service, or to remind you when you exit and re-enter the Service;

  • make available to you contents that may be of interest to you, which may include advertisements; - make available to you more pertinent contents in e-mail bulletins to which you may subscribe; - supervise and safeguard the Services, which may include research and analysis of how the Services are accessed, used or performed; - identify, investigate and/or inhibit any activity that violates our guidelines or may be deceptive or unlawful.

3. Comment 2 We may use information from the Services in combination with other information obtained from our company documentation or third party resources. Likewise, we may use or aggregate information we gather from the Services with information from third sources, which may include information about demographics and other characteristics and organisational ties.

We may disclose the information we collect about our service to third party third party companies working on our account to help us achieve the above outcomes. It is possible for us to make available to these third party information we have gathered about you, both directly andutomatically. 2. We disclose information about you to third party advertisers who work with us to promote our goods and our service that may be of interest to you.

These may also be third circles who help us identify the Advertiser Materials to be delivered and third circles who supply the Advertiser Materials. Our third country affiliates may use personal identification as described above to keep tracking your use of the Web through other Web sites, on-line service, e-mail and wireless application on their network outside the Service, and may aggregate information about you from other resources.

Affiliates may use the information we collect to assist you with focused advertisements, both through our own service and through other Web sites, e-mail, on-line service or wireless application. You can find more information about the companies with whom we exchange information in our partner list. Our policies are consistent with the Digital advertising alliance's self-regulatory policies for behavior-based and multi-site ad information, as well as the Network advertiser initiative's code of conduct.

In the Opt-Out section (below) you can find out more about the options available to you in relation to this kind of advertisement. We may, for example, disclose this information to third party companies who may use the information for their own personal information practices, for their own publicity, research or other commercial use. If you decide to participate in a competition, raffle or other promotional event, your information may be shared with third party companies that participate in the creation, management and execution of the promotional event, as well as in relation to winning selections, award completion and aggregate information analytics.

We may share our product or service offerings with or through certain third parties, which may include, but are not restricted to, retailers. If we offer these goods or our service, we may give you the option to share information with these companies. Your choice may result in information you specifically submit in relation to these goods and sevices being disclosed to these companies and governed by their data protection policy.

The Services may allow Subscribers to add commentaries and other contents to the Services. All information about yourself that you publish in the Services becomes publicly available information and is available to other Service Providers. Furthermore, your username will be visible to other members, along with a profiled image, if you have decided to up-load one.

It is not our responsability to protect the confidentiality or safety of any information that you may publish on the Services. If you use the Services, you may have the opportunity to sign up for or be added to our e-mail lists. By giving us your phone number, you authorize us, our carriers and our and their affiliates to provide or send text messaging, text, pushed notification and voicemail messaging, as well as advertising messaging, via an automated phone dialling system.

They are not obliged to obtain such notices as a prerequisite for the purchase of real estate, goods or related aervices. If you are a registred user, you can opt out of getting text communications from us by not giving us your mobile number. Remember that the usual messaging rate and information fees of your mobile operator are applicable for text messaging and/or text messaging.

It is your sole responsibility for such messaging rate and fees. 9. We may release information about you if required to do so by statute or if we reasonably believe that such release is necessary to (a) satisfy any legal requirement or follow any procedure that may benefit us or our services, (b) safeguard and protect our or our assets, the services or our customers, or (c) safeguard the security of our or our employees' or agents' personnel, other service customers, or the general public. Our information may be disclosed to third parties only if we have the reasonable right to do so and we have reasonable grounds to believe that such release is necessary to (a) satisfy any applicable laws or regulations or comply fully with any judicial proceeding that may benefit us or our services, (b) safeguard and protect our or our interests, the services or our customers, or (c) safeguard the privacy of our or our employees' or agents' other users' or the general public. 2.

Unfortunately, the transfer of information via the web cannot be 100% assured despite all our best endeavours. For more information about ad service providers and how they can restrict their ability to collect and use your information, see Services for the Network Advertising Initiative, the Digital Advertising Alliance and the European Interactive Advertising Digital Alliance (EDAA).

You can also use your preferences and Reset your Publisher ID on your Apple or Android devices to find out how to disable certain ad network applications from being tracked on your mobiles. DAA's AppChoices application provides DAA's AppChoices application for collecting cross-application information for your machine. To unsubscribe from Google Analytics ad serving, go to the Google ad preferences page.

Web site visitors can also use the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881? hl=en. 6.4 Please be aware that the suspension of the ad network service does not mean that you will not be receiving advertisements while using our service or any other service, nor that it will preclude the reception of interest-based advertisements from third party not participating in such programmes.

However, it will preclude you from interest-based advertisements via the participant network, as provided by its guidelines and choices. If you are a 6 member and have provided us with your mobile number, you can delete it from your profiles. Termination of your subscription does not necessarily result in the removal of any prior published comment or other member material from the Services' publicly advert.

As we do not allow minors under the ages of 13 to use the Services, we do not intentionally gather, use or publish information from minors under the ages of 13, except as part of special computer program alerts with parent consent. 84, California-based individuals may ask us for information about what types of personally identifiable information we provide to third party third party users who may use the information for our own products and services and to any third party to whom we may have provided the information in the past year.

If you are an expatriate, please be aware that it may be necessary for your information to be transmitted around the world and, in particular, for your information to be transmitted and used in the United States. You may be entitled to reimbursement for damage resulting from a violation of the pertinent privacy legislation.

Your use of the Services constitutes your consent to your information being used and transmitted to the United States in accordance with this Privacy Statement. If you are a resident of the EEA or Switzerland, you have the right to file a complaints about our information gathering and treatment with the appropriate regulatory authorities.

You can find the contacts of the privacy agencies here. Personally identifiable information that we gather may be transmitted, retained and used in the United States or any other jurisdiction in which we or our affiliated companies or sub-contractors operate entities. As we begin to enforce the General Privacy Regulation (GDPR), we will make sure that the transfer of personally identifiable information to a third party or multinational company is governed by the reasonable guarantees described in Article 46 of the GDPR.

  • The right to demand the deletion of the personal information. Your right to have your personal information deleted from our services if it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was requested, if you revoke your permission and if there is no other legally binding act for the purposes of your personal information or if you believe that your right to personal information and security outweighs our rightful interest in the continuation of the use.

If we process your personal information for the purpose of exercising our right to act in the best interests of our clients or to perform a function in the general interest as a government agency (including profiling), for the purpose of using your personal information for the purpose of advertising or advertising (including profiling), or for the purpose of researching or historically researching your personal information, you have the right to limit or refuse our use of your personal information.

Should you have any queries about your private sphere or the safety of our services or would like to have your data updated, please e-mail or contact us at privacy@townsquaremedia.com:

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