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The HUD defines the down payments help programmes that are considered for FHA insurance. Edward Golding, deputy deputy secretary of the FHA and head of the FHA, sent a notice this weekend in which he informed interest groups that'HUD has found that the advance subsidy programmes of the FHA are lawful and compatible with the National Housing Act'. "We find that the writing was not a mortgage certificate and was not recorded in the Federal Register and can be regarded as non-formal advice.

Golding said in the note that: Lending including advance payments (DPAs) from state and municipal HFAs continues to be allowed for FHA insurance. Golding's correspondence is intended to solve a DPA issue between the FHA and the HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG).

HUD OIG last year tested an Arizona-based mortgages bank and released a statement stating that the bank had granted FHA loan with a DPA present that did not meet FHA standards and requirements. Specifically, it was found that, inter alia: Loan provider unreasonably permitted the calculation of premiums to be used as a resource for the advance payment of non-genuine presents by the borrower, which was paid back by the borrower through a higher indirect loan repayment fee; Loan provider did not exercise due care to make sure DPA was permissible.

Following the review, Golding published a note reaffirming FTA endorsement of certain DPA programmes. Golding heißt es auch, dass "[l]e but des règles[de la FHA] concernant l'aide à la mise de fonds est clair et donne aux CFF le pouvoir discrétionnaire nécessaire pour financer ces programmes de façon appropriée. "Helen Kanovsky, General Counsel (GC) of HUD, also released a note to Golding regarding the DPA programmes which concluded them:

Government agencies are a legitimate money supply for down deposits on FHA mortgages; the FHA regulations on calculating premiums are not infringed if the borrowers and lenders reach agreement on interest levels related to FHA programmes. It was also noted in the MoU that it did not endorse OIG's findings that the FHA regulations regarding premiums or gifts were undermined.

Like Golding's recent letters this weekend, we find that the letters and memoranda were not written as mortgages and were not registered in the Federal Register. Despite Golding's subsequent review and HUD GC's submission, HUD OIG will continue to review and report on creditors.

In spite of Golding's brief this weekend, a message website has announced that David Montoya, HUD's Inspector General, "absolutely disagrees" with HUD's evaluation of DPA programmes. In particular, it was said that Montoya made the following statement: "It is our belief that this particular issue, where outside creditors grant FHA mortgages with non-eligible down payments and collateral funding, increases the interest rates on borrowers' FHA mortgages, breaks the laws and damages them.

One spokesman noted that an OIG creditor auditing using resources from prime price setting to fund the payment of DPA gifts is still ongoing.

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