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Are you really specialized in corporate finance? Guide to selecting a commercial finance broker. Selection of a professional financial broker Trade finance intermediaries have long been crucial in passing on important financing to hard-pressed British companies, and never more so than after the crisis.} However, doing your own research before you entrust the company to your careers is important because finance brokerages are a hybrid form of brokerage and often do not have the protective measures we are used to in our own finance affairs.

Here is a check list of some of the things you can ask any company or person who says they can give you the right financing. There is hardly anything that prevents a person or website from establishing itself as a financial broker, so the sector unfortunately draws many fly-by-night transactions. Unfortunately, we often see agents with bogus website case histories using stick photographing or others who claim to have assisted genuine companies they really had nothing to do with.

If your company could deliver true client testimonials, why not? Will they be governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)? A lot of companies don't realize that the corporate finance markets are largely uncontrolled, which means that they don't necessarily give the protection we're used to in our financial affairs, such as a financial ombudsman or an overall commitment to treat customers fairly.

Although many non-regulated commercial financial intermediaries offer outstanding services, a regular broker is certainly a more secure choice. Are they actually specialized in corporate finance? In fact, many self-proclaimed financial intermediaries will be experts in another area of finance, such as private mortgage or endowment policies, but can still say they can help you finance your company.

To them, doing finance is at best a side-of-the-desk affair, which means nothing more than the depth and breadth needed for the complexity and ever-changing nature of the alternate financial world.

Today, there are virtually tens of different ways to finance your company, but many brokerage firms only specialize in one specific category of products, such as corporate mortgage loans or lease purchases. Those brokerage firms can handle their typically targeted clients very well, but if you are outside their normal range, it may seem a little like squeezing a squared pin into a round pocket.

Whether you need a corporate lending, invoicing, asset lease, industrial mortgages - whatever suits your circumstances best, we can help UK companies find the right financing across the entire UK economy. If you just don't know what kind of financing you need, we can help. A lot of brokerage houses for corporate financing are tightly linked to a particular creditor and sometimes even own one.

In fact, some brokerage firms for corporate finance are even themselves creditors. It is against a brokerage firm s interest to direct you to a more appropriate alternate financial services company if it wishes to lend to you. We are active in doing business with more than 50 creditors across the entire credit markets and we will never bring you into contact with a creditor who does not meet your needs.

When something goes awry that is not your responsibility and your company is suffering, it makes no sense to make a demand against a financial broker if he has no asset or insurances. There are more possible recourses if you are maltreated, and professional compensation assurance is also a symptom that an underwriter has taken a look at the references of the financial broker before deciding to support them.

The corporate finance markets are undoubtedly more diverse than ever as the UK authorities continue to promote a thriving UK corporate finance industry. Ensure you get the best possible selection of financing opportunities and prevent damage to your company by doing your homework before choosing a professional financial broker.

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