Finance for Commercial Property

Commercial real estate financing

Financing of commercial real estate Commercially real estate financing can be classified as: Financing through commercial real estate - either office, commercial, industry or recreational real estate or several types of developing and resale real estate". Financing can be the development, construction or acquisition of commercial real estate. Trade real estate is a highly diversified field of investment, but has become viable again - last year there was the largest increase in user activities in the region's towns and villages since the economic downturn.

So, there has never been a better moment to make investments in commercial real estate, and regardless of the extent of your growth and your skills, Access Finance has the know-how to turn your dream into a winning business. In addition to our financing capabilities, we have considerable in-house real estate design knowledge, so we are aware of the unique issues faced by designers, from missing supplier landmarks to departmental design barriers.

When your projects have potentials, we can always see that and we are excellent at offering commercial real estate financing in circumstances where other lenders have long since given up! Bridge finance is a short-term credit used to close the financing shortfall until lasting financing is available to finance your deployment.

Since there are more spectacular developments than ever before, bridge financing is on the rise, but it is not simple to protect yourself from them. Thanks to our commercial real estate expertise, we can make a realistic assessment of the full scope of your property and offer the right short-term solutions to accompany it from design to resale.

Commercial mortgages are loans granted for the acquisition of commercial properties. In contrast to a private hypothec, it is usually taken out by companies and not by people. No matter whether you are looking for a commercial mortgages to buy your own space, significantly expand a buy-to-lease asset or acquire commercial business growth, we can help.

With our know-how and our network of partners we are able to offer you competitive prices, and while we look at the story of your company, we are also interested in the planned service to make you the best offer. Financing for redevelopment is a tailor-made form of financing that is likely to be progressively allocated to commercial property owners to finance the construction or refurbishment of a particular asset.

When your business needs are more complicated or extensive and you are looking for a business plan that accompanies you from your initial plans through to your career, we can offer you tailor-made finance that matches your project goals. Portfoliofinancing is a means of funding or funding all your real estate in one single packet.

When you have or are in the process of designing a real estate asset you want it to reach its optimal return. Creditors often have a ceiling on commercial mortgage lending, so lessors with more than one property often need to look for financing instead. With Access, we have the real estate savvy and expertise to make sure your asset allocation is optimally designed to maximize return, and we can offer you a financing plan that encompasses all the real estate you own, no matter how many.

It closes the financing gaps that remain in a trend after consideration of the main financing and the equity financing. When you need a financing push to increase your home financing and get your business up and running, and if you have a success story in real estate business growth, mortgage finance could be the answer you're looking for.

Aviva forecasts that the overall return in 2015 (capital appreciation plus rent income) will reach an industry-wide high of 18 percent. Irrespective of whether you are refurbishing a 2000 square metre building or building 200,000 square metres of premium retailing floor area, call us today on 03330 069 141 to see if we can find the financing that will take you from design to viability.

No matter if you want to change the face of a city or just buy the scenery for your company, commercial real estate financing could give you the necessary push to make your dreams come true.

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