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Finding secured loans

Collateralised loans: an alternative to mortgages: Collateralised loans - Mortgages brokers: All kinds of mortgages Sometimes there are periods and circumstances when a hypothecary is not the best choice. You may want to spend some cash on a new automobile, motor home, consolidating debts, extending your home or paying student dues, for example, but if you consider the open choices, repayments or other terms of your current home loan would make it an costly one.

Here's where a Secured loan comes in. Secured loans can be the best way forward in these conditions, and we can provide advice on eligibility once you have made an inquiry and we have a sense of your individual circumstance. An secured credit is a credit that is secured on your land and is behind the first encumbrance of your current mortgagor; generally known as a second homeowner.

Since it is secured against your belongings - just like a mortgage- then secured loans are far less expensive than unsecured loans and can be run over longer durations, just like a mortgage rather than the 5 years commonly required for the type of unsecured loans that you would find available in your main street bank.

Recently, the secured credit markets have become more and more attractive, especially as the vast majority of High Street creditors will not consider candidates who have recently had mortgages in default or a negative credit rating, such as judgments of the District Courts or against them. Provided there is a proper amount of capital in the real estate, there are creditors on the open commercial markets who will consider a second hypothecary under these conditions.

A further rationale why a secured credit or a second hypothec may be a better choice is that customers do not necessarily want to spend an excessively large amount of cash, and so the cost of a re-mortgage may be overstated. Many of our self-employed customers will concur that in recent years the requirements for granting loans have become very stringent (although we still succeed in finding suitable loans for many of our self-employed customers), while in the secured lending markets many creditors are more willing to take a more casual approach - it is our task to lead you through the labyrinth of interest rate, quote, terms and condition to find a secured credit deal that is in your best interest and meets all your needs.

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